About The Spectra Leisure solar panels


Specifically Designed for a professional yet affordable look for any leisure application with the ability to keep batteries constantly charged.

Our range of Spectra Leisure solar panels has been designed specifically for the needs of busy caravans and motor home owners. This range of powerful solar panels are easy to fit and choose which solar regulator to match it with. Spectra Leisure powerful ratings ensure that your battery will benefit whether you are on the move or stationary. Their streamlined shape makes them ideal for atop motorhome and caravan roofs.



  • No need to take batteries away for recharging.
  • Silent, affordable and no need  for noisy and costly eco-unfriendly generators for lighting, TV and other equipment on your caravan or motor home.
  • Provides power for microwave ovens, laptops, telephones, and other electronics whilst you’re on the move.
  • Arriving to find fully charged batteries on board enabling you to switch cabin lights on immediately.
  • Knowing you’ll have fully charged batteries, even when you have been away for weeks.

Flat batteries are at best a nuisance and at worst a hazard. Now the problem can be easily solved by using the abundant natural power of the sun.


Peak Power Dimentions (mm) Weight (kg) Part Number
75W 1054 X 556 X 32 8 CA-10/72
110W 1512 X 556 X 32 11.4 CA-10/73
150W 1512 X 716 X 32 13 CA-10/74

Spectra Leisure solar panels don’t just look great, they work very efficiently at keeping your batteries charged for boating or caravanning.

It’s the perfect time of year to get out & about and with Spectra Leisure fitted on board you can forget worrying about the battery condition and enjoy the summer.

Spectra Leisure Features

Efficiency Guaranteed

  • Spectra Leisure have an impressive efficiency guaranteed to 80% of their minimum rating after 20 years service

3m Cable

  • Each panel is supplied with 3m of cable

Easy to Install

  • Caravan fixing brackets are included to allow easy mounting
  • Can be easily glued or screwed onto the roof
  • Comes with a choice of fittings to suit just about every size and shape of coach roof

Sturdy Product Design

  • Sturdy product design for long life with a hailstone resistance of 28mm
  • Suitable for use with sealed and non-sealed lead acid, deep cycle batteries

LED Lights

  • LED on frame flashes to indicate charging


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