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The Rutland 504 is a super compact turbine that is great for using wind power for trickle charging. You can be sure that when you arrive on board your batteries will be well charged up and ready for your appliances. Even whilst sailing the Rutland 504 powers on…

Part No: CA-05/04

What is the Rutland 504 Suitable for?

Performance of the Rutland 504

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We publish our curves based on measured data and use ongoing actual performance data collected and monitored over long periods of time of the turbines running in real wind conditions. This means the turbines are also subject to side winds, upwinds and sudden changes of wind direction (these are the causes of turbulence) experienced at a user’s typical installation. Our curves represent a truer reflection of the power output you can expect from your Rutland Windcharger compared with many other turbines.

A power curve is usually given by manufacturers to represent the performance of a wind turbine. Some may be based on theoretical or predicted output and others plot the power achieved under steady state conditions. Wind tunnel testing and turbines run on vehicle rooftops can provide useful information for a manufacturer but power curves derived in this way need to be understood as running in a clear and unobstructed wind flow so they do not represent what is actually achieved in real wind conditions. Power curves from theoretical analysis cannot be regarded as representing what is actually achieved at all.

A more useful guide of how much power you can expect from your turbine is the Annual Energy Yield. That’s because wind energy is a “cube law,” which means that when the windspeed doubles the power potential is 8 times! Check the Annual Energy Yield bar chart which uses the Rayleigh distribution to calculate the Ampere hours of battery charging you can expect at given average wind speeds per annum. As these are averaged across the year you should consider how these figures will ebb and flow across the seasons when you might expect a higher average during the windier seasons. We often recommend the combination of wind and solar charging to smooth out the daily energy yield.

Rutland 504 Specifications

Cut in Windspeed 3 m/s
Output Voltages Available (Nominal) 12V
Power / Current Ratings:
 5m/s     10knots  3W(0.2A)
 11m/s   21knots  29W(2.1A)
 15m/s   29knots  48W(3.4A)
Packed Weight & Dimensions 6 Kg 550x550x260mm
Generator Type Low friction 3 phase, brushless
Yaw Rotation Slipring for 360° free rotation. Low brush wear.
Governing Devices None
Turbine Diameter 510 mm
Turning Radius 304 mm
Net Weight 3.5 kg

Interactive 3D View of the Rutland 504

Battery Management


We construct our Rutland wind turbines using a range of modern and traditional high quality materials which are designed to endure in a marine environment. We have innovated in our field by introducing light weight but robust high density nylon and glass reinforced materials that are UV stable alongside marine grade aluminium, stainless steel, sealed for life bearings and other carefully selected and precision worked materials in our UK factory.

Rutland 504 Marine Bundles

Rutland 504 Solo Expert Kit


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  • Rutland 504 (12V)
  • Marine Mounting Kit
  • Marine Stays Kit
  • HRSi Regulator (for single battery bank)

Rutland 504 Duo Kit


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  • Rutland 504(12V)
  • Marine Mounting Kit
  • Marine Stays Kit
  • HRDi Regulator with built in display (charges dual battery banks)

Rutland 504 Duo Expert Kit


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  • Rutland 504(12V)
  • Marine Mounting Kit
  • Marine Stays Kit
  • HRDi Regulator with built in display (charges dual battery banks)
  • HRDi Remote Display

*Cable not included. Cable specification is subject to required length.

Cable for Windcharger to Controller

902-036 2.5mm² OceanFlex –  2 Core Cable (per meter) £3.85
902-021 4mm²  – 2 Core HO7RN-F Cable  (per meter) £5.45

Controller to Battery

902-025 4mm² –  Red Cable (per meter) £2.80
902-026 4mm²  – Black Cable  (per meter) £2.80

Our Guarantee to You

Rutland Windchargers are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK by Marlec.  We warrant our products for 2 years from date of purchase.  With over 35 years of experience in our field we continuously develop designs and materials to ensure our products withstand the rigours of the testing environments that our customers put our Windchargers through. You can buy with confidence and our products will endure.You will have the reassurance of buying a product that has sold, in its versions, worldwide in excess of 100,000 units fully supported by our sales and engineering teams here in Corby, UK.

4 reviews for 12V Rutland 504 Windcharger

  1. Jon Horridge

    Wow, I’m so pleased with my new Rutland 504. It has charged a dual battery bank in no time and is now comfortably regulating itself. My stupidity was sorted out by very patient staff at Marlec and Eco Power Shop, my retailer has also been very helpful.

  2. Allan Russell (verified owner)

    I have no doubt that the generator will work as it should as I havent installed it as yet.
    I just wanted to say what a very speedy delivery it was, I ordered the item on the 29.1.18 and it turned up on my doorstep on the 6.2.18 in Melbourne Australia.
    Well done.

  3. Geoff Crowley

    I used to have to run the engine to keep the batteries charged up, even though I have relatively low onboard consumption. Now I can sail continuously day and night with nav lights and navigation systems (GPS, plotter, AIS, instruments etc) all running and not suffer low battery charge. My 504 is just enough to do everything, as long as the wind blows! And it’s not noisy! I fitted a switch to shut down the regulator and short the turbine for low wind situations, otherwise the relatively high ambient current of the regulator becomes the main consumer when I’m not aboard.

  4. G Ashton

    I have been extremely satisfied with the performance of the unit which has transformed life or board my yacht

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