About The Morningstar Solar Regulator


Morningstar Corporation is a world-leading supplier of solar charge controllers & inverters—with over 2 million units installed, in over 112 countries around the world. Morningstar Solar Regulators have been recognized in international solar markets as the most advanced and highest-quality products available.


Why Morningstar Regulators?

The battery can represent 40% of a system’s cost and a much as 80% of the lifetime costs.  A controller may only be 5% of the cost but its ability to protect and increase battery life is crucial.

Due to protections in the software and the quality and ratings of the hardware selected, product failure rate is less than 0.15%. Morningstar typically over-sizes components to leave a margin of error for users.

Selection of Components

Morningstar sources the highest quality parts which promotes proven reliability and performance

Thermal management

Short thermal paths and no fans blowing across circuit boards prevent dust, insects and corrosion.

Simple Designs

Fewer components equal lower failure.  Intelligent board layouts offer better signal routing, trace lengths, inductance, etc.

25 Years of Experience

Morningstar leverages years of power electronics industry expertise to create highly reliable products with peak performance.

The Morningstar software team develops software architecture that extracts the maximum performance possible from the battery.  This optimizes the cost to performance ratio and allows quick power electronics control; even in the smaller controller and inverters

Why Choose MorningStar

  • The best overall value – Combination of performance, features and competitive  price results in the best solar  controller value on the market
  • Extremely high reliability – failure rates of less than 1 in 1000 units shipped
  • Outstanding battery charging – PWM charging can double the life of the battery and recover capacity in a sulfated battery. Series design, not shunt, reduces heating and stress on the electronic components
  • Highest quality – manufactured in a fully automated, world class ISO9001 factory. Quality control using the latest computerised test equipment.
  • Electronic protections – fully protected against reverse polarity, short circuit, overcurrent, high temperatures, and reverse current at night. No mechanical fuses.
  • Environmental protections – rated for ambient temperatures of -40°C to +60°C. Epoxy encapsulated or conformal coating to protect printed circuit boards from corrosion.
  • No need to derate – Designed with a 25% safety margin, the controllers may be used up to their “name plate” rating.
  • Expected 15 year life – 5-year warranty, with an expected operating life of 15 years or more.
  • Easy to use – Large clearly marked wire terminals, LED and meter displays, well-written manuals and timely technical support.
  • Efficiently uses the solar energy to fully recharge the battery
  • Prevents overcharging and excessive gassing of the battery
  • Prevents undercharging and sulphation of the battery
  • Provides load management
  • Provides status information and the controller and the system

Eco Pulse

The new Essentials range designed for leisure and less complex applications. We offer the range with built in display as standard in models suitable for 12V or 24V.
High levels of electronic and environmental protections make them equally suitable for light professional uses.

Available in:

10A, 20A, 30A

High Reliability & Robust Thermal Design

  • Conformally coated circuit board and corrosion resistant terminals.
  • Extruded aluminum heatsink dissipates heat quickly without using cooling fans.

Durable Casing & LED Fault Indications

  • High strength polycarbonate case.
  • Alert when short circuit, over current, high voltage, and other error conditions take place.

Automatic Solar Based Lighting Control

  • Field adjustable dusk ‘til dawn setting.

Adjustable Charge Settings

  • Seven presets and a custom setting can be set via DIP Switches or by the meter display buttons.

Adjustable Load Control & Optional Meter

  • Load control can be adjusted via meter display.
  • Meter includes multi-lingual interface with scroll buttons to adjust the settings and display metrics.

More Features

  • Pulse Width Modulation type regulation
  • 4-stage charging keeps batteries in top condition
  • Accept loads to same ratings as charge currents
  • Marine rated terminals up to 16mm²
  • Dimensions 15 x 11 x 6cm 0.4kg
  • Battery reverse polarity protected

Download Datasheet

EcoBoost MPPT

This controller was developed for residential and leisure consumer applications where an MPPT controller is desired to provide additional power and accommodations for modules that are not supported by other types of controllers.

Available in:

20A & 40A – 12V


  • Two USB-A ports for charging multiple mobile phones/tablets
  •  3 Amps of USB charging capacity
  • Metered and non-metered versions
  • Four stage battery charging
  • Dusk ‘til dawn lighting control
  • Load control
  • Electronic and environmental protections
  • Wide operating temperature range

Download Datasheet


The SunSaver is the world’s leading small solar controller for industrial and leisure markets.

Available in

10A, 10A(24V), 20A

Extended battery life

PWM series battery charging with temperature compensation. Sealed/flooded battery select.


Epoxy encapsulation, marine rated terminals and anodised aluminium case provides environmental protection.

Download Datasheet

SunSaver Duo

The SunSaver Duo is a two battery solar controller with optional remote meter for caravans and boats.

Available in


SunKeeperTwo battery charging

Solar charge current is shared between two batteries based on a user selectable priority. When one battery is fully charged, all of the charge current flows to the other battery.

Highly reliable

Epoxy encapsulation protects the controller against dust and high humidity. Extensive electronic protections, including short circuit,over current and reverse polarity, ensure that the controller will not be damaged by wiring mistakes or overloads.

User adjustable

Controler paramters may be adjusted ising the DIP switch on the controller. Further customisation is enabled by connecting to a personal computer and using Morningstars PC software.


The Sunkeeper solar controller mounts directly to the solar module junction box and eliminates the need for an additional controller housing

Available in

6A, 12A

High temperature rating

Rated to 70°C to operate in high temperatues at the solar module. No need to de-rate

Outdoor rated

approved for outdoor use without an additional enclosure. IP65, UV resistant case.Epoxy encapsulated and watertight connection to the module junction box

Download Datasheet

SunLight Solar Controller

The SunLight is the world’s leading solar controller for street and pathway lighting, parking areas, bus stations and signage.

Available in:


Provides 10 lighting options

user adjustable for 2 to 10 hours on or for on all ngiht. Unique ON/OFF/ON settings conserve energy and turns light on furing the day and LED indicates selected lighting option.

East to install

To confirm the correct installation, test button turns light on during the day and LED indicates selected lighting option.

Rugged industrial design

Epoxy encapsulation electronics marine rated terminals and anodised aluminium case.

Download Datasheet

SunGuard Solar Controller

The SunGuard is a one module solar controller for professional and lesiure markets.

Available in:


Highly reliable

100% solid state design and epoxy encapsulated for environmental protection. Rated for 25% overloads and no need to de rate.

Extended battery life

series design, not shunt, PWM battery charging with temperatue comensation. Low self-consumption.

Easy to install

Outdoor rated connecting wires for waterproof connection to solar module and battery.

Download Datasheet

Tristar PWM Controller

The TriStar is a three function controller that provides reliable battery charging, load control or diversion regulation.

Available in:

45A, 60A

Highest reliability

Large heat sink and conservative design enables operating at full ratings to 45°C

More information

Optional ,eter displays extensive system and controller information, automatic self-test and reset. Displays in 5 languages

Communication capability

RS-232 connects to a personal computer for custom settings, data logging and remote monitoring and control.

Fully adjustable

DIP switch provides user with choice of 7 digital presets. Additional custom settings via RS-232.

Extensive electronic protections

Fully protected against reverse polarity , short circuit, overcurrent, high temperature and overvoltage.

Download Datasheet

ProStar PWM Controller

The ProStar solar charge controller has been the leading mid-range pulse width modulation (PWM) controller since 1995. With over 350,000 units installed in the harshest environments in over 100 countries, ProStar sets the standards in performance and reliability for the rest of the solar industry.

Available in:


Highest reliability

Latest electronic and environmental protections, quality control, and design considerations comply with IEC 62109 and promote longevity in the harshest environments.

High Temperature Operation

Full nameplate current rating, both solar and load up to 60°C continuous.


12V and 24V systems.

Data Logging

Up to 256 days of solar charge and load consumption data


Continuous monitoring and reporting of any errors or system faults through its status LED’s, optional display and communication port.

Custom Programming

Dip switches, meter interface, or connection with a computer can be used to adjust charging, load communications, and lighting control.

Low Noise Design

Meets US Federal Communications Commission Class B specifications.

Automatic Solar-Based Lighting Control

Field adjustable, multi-event load control enables powerful options for solar lighting systems.

MODBUS Communications

Open standard MODBUS communications protocol allows for control and remote data access.

Morningstar MPPT Solar Regulators

TriStar MPPT Controller

The TriStar MPPT TrakStar Technology is an advanced maximum power point tracking controller for off-grid solar systems up to 3kWp.

Available in:

30A, 45A, 60A in 12V, 24V or 48V)

Maximises energy harvest

Better peak power tracking than other MPPT controllers.

Very high efficiency

the industry’s highest peak efficiency of 99% for off-grid charge controllers

Extensive networking & Communications

Enables system monitoring, data logging and adjustability. On board ethernet included on the TS-MPPT-60.v

Download Datasheet

Morningstar SunSaver MPPT

This range of MPPT  solar controllers enables the use of high voltage and thin film modules for off-grid battery charging for both 12V and 24V applications. These solar controllers allow the user to take advantage of the lower prices of the higher wattage panels, typically used in the on-grid market, to make larger arrays of up to 400W

Available in:


Power boost

Maximum power point trakcing provides an increase of amps from the solar array into the battery.

Use of high voltage module

In addition to 12 volt crystalline modules, enables the use of high voltage and thin film modules for off-gird battery charging.

Trakkstar MPPT

harvests the power from the peak power point of the solar array, converts the power down to battery voltage, and boosts charging current in the process.

Download Datasheet


The new Prostar MPPT 25A regulator maximise energy harvest in solar panels up to 350W when charging a 12V battery or 700W for 24V. They are suitable for lead acid, ni-cad and the latest Lithium batteries. This model is particularly recommended when using a grid type 24V solar panel to charge a 12V battery.

Available in:



  • Marine rated terminals
  • 4 stage charging
  • Lighting controller feature
  • Low voltage disconnect built-in
  • Electronic protections to avoid damage

Download Datasheet

Overview of Maximum Power Ratings

Regulator Model Maximum
Solar Panel
Rating (12V)
Solar Panel
Rating (24V)
SunGuard 4.5A 54W, 4.5A 64 x 51 x 38
SunSaver SS-10 L 120W, 10A 152 x 55  34
SunSaver SS-10 L 24 240W, 10A 152 x 55 x 34
SunSaver SS-20 L 240W, 20A 152 x 55 x 34
SunSaver Sunlight SL-10 120W, 10A 169 x 55 x 34
SunSaver Duo SSD-24 300W, 25A 169 x 55 x 35
SunSaver MPPT 200W, 15A 400W, 15A 114 x 114 x 35
Tristar MPPT 30A 400W,30A 800W, 30A 291 x 130 x 142
TriStar MPPT 45A 600W, 45A 1200W, 45A 291 x 130 x 142
TriStar MPPT 60A 800W, 60A 1600W, 60A 291 x 130 x 142
Prostar MPPT 25A 350W, 25A 700W, 25A 187 x 153 x 68
TriStar 45A PWM 260 x 127 x 71
TriStar 60A PWM 260 x 127 x 71

What accessories would you buy with your regulator?

SunSaver X       X X
SunSaver Duo X     X X X
SunSaver MPPT X     X X  
TriStar PWM X X X X  
TriStar MPPT X X X X  

Tristar Digital Display

  • 2 x 16 character display
  • Mounts to the controller
  • Provides system and controller information, data logging and bar graphs
  • Choice of 5 languages

Tristar Remote Meter

  • 2 x 16 character display
  • Mounts to the controller
  • Provides system and controller information, data logging and bar graphs
  • Choice of 5 languages
  • 30m of cable for mounting away from the controller

Morningstar Remote Meter

  • 4 digit display with custom icons
  • Displays systems information, logged data, alarm and errors
  • May be mounted in the wall or on the wall including frame
  • Includes 10m of cable

Relay Driver (RD-1)

  • 4 independent relay driver outputs (relays not included)
  • Used for high/low voltage alarms, load control, generator start
  • Reads digital data inputs for TriStar or TriStar MPPT

Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS)

  • Improves battery charging by using temperature at the battery for very accurate temperature compensation
  • Recommended for solar systems that experience temperature variations during the year or whenever the temperature at the battery will be more than 5°C different than the temperature at the controller.

 PC Meterbus Adapter

  • Used to connect a Morningstar solar controller to a PC or other third party serial enabled devices
  • Comm link enables monitoring and logging of data as well as customising of set points

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