Solar Controllers


A solar regulator fitted to your system will ensure:

  • The system operates automatically
  • Prevents damage to your batteries through over voltage

…so if the batteries become fully charged in your absence from the site the batteries will not be overcharged.

Connect between solar panel and battery to prevent overcharge and provide deep discharge protection. All solar controllers (regulators) are diode protected to prevent reverse current in darkness and allow other charge sources to same battery.

We offer the following ranges of Solar Controllers

If you are combining your solar panel with one of our Rutland Windchargers check the windcharger regulator’s specification as some models include a connection to simply add photovoltaic panels too.  Check the maximum power rating to ensure it can accomodate the total Watts of solar panels you would like to use.

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Do I need a voltage controller / regulator ?

Yes, we recommend a regulator if working over our recommended minimum ratio of 10W of solar panel to 100AH battery capacity.

How do I calculate the Amp rating of the regulator needed ?

Employ the equation of Amps x Volts = Watts. Therefore an 80W solar panel charging a 12V battery should be regulated using a solar controller rated 6.7A or more.

Do I need to fit a blocking diode ?

A Blocking Diode is fitted to ensure the correct flow of current and should be fitted when either no regulator is used or more than one solar panel is connected in parallel. The diode fits directly into the junction box of framed solar panels. Marlec’s semi-flexible ranges of SunWare & Spectra solar panels all have a built-in diode.

Part Numbers:

Schottky Diode – 8A  913-012                     Schottky Diode Kit – 5A  CA-11/01