About The Green Column System

Environmentally friendly and economic solution to provide light at sites where grid power is not available or too costly to install

Areas located off-grid can now have efficient and reliable lighting provided for them easily with our Green Column. The wind and solar powered solution delivers free, renewable energy which is stored in a battery ready to be consumed by the ultra low energy LED technology lamp when darkness falls.


Part No: CA-16/04

Suitable for

  • Bus shelters
  • Footpaths in parks
  • Car parks
  • Countryside roads
  • Play areas, etc
  • Industrial buildings
  • Airfields
  • Remote homes
  • Harbour-side lighting
  • Developing countries
  • Solution for discreet lighting in conservation areas

Why choose a Green Column lighting solution?

  • Cost effective solution where no mains power is available.
  • simple ‘plug and play’ installation.
  • Zero running costs.
  • No need to dig trenches for underground cables.
  • No need for bulky and unreliable generators for off grid power.
  • Use of a wind turbine ensures efficient power generation in the winter when solar panel performance is poor and when the lights need to run for longer.
  • Low light pollution due to use of LED lamp head with directional optics.

Our New System

Our latest system uses a state of the art LED lanterns which delivers greater brightness with lower power consumption. Combined with an MPPT streetlight control system this enables us to achieve longer illumination times at a wide variety of locations.


Provides an environmentally friendly lighting solution

  • Green Columns produce their own power so there is no on-going use of fossil-fuels
  • Installation has minimal environmental impact

It is an affordable solution for all your off-grid lighting needs

  • By generating its own power from the wind and sun there will be no grid connection charges, no on-going energy or standing charges

The system is easy to install and easier to maintain

  • When you install a Green Column, there is no need to excavate expensive trenches to lay underground cables as it is totally independent of the grid
  • Installation is quick and typically takes less than a day per column
  • Can be installed by an independent contractor or by one recommended by Marlec

Comes with a high quality sealed battery

  • They are maintenance free so once the Green Column is fitted the ongoing maintenance is minimal

Easy to use and reliable lighting and automatic

  • The lamp is activated by sensing day light levels and timer settings
  • The low profile housing is manufactured from high impact materials and the optics are designed to minimize upward light pollution, maximizing performance of the low energy lamp

Light is provided by the latest state of the art LED technology built into the lamp housing for better performance

  • A high quality, sealed battery is used to deliver power for a long period of time
  • The reserve is determined by usage but typically at least 5 days in wintertime and 10 days in summertime

The system is both compact and efficient

  • With the Rutland FM910-4 Windcharger charging starts at just 2.5m/s (5mph) so a gentle breeze is all that is required to deliver power
  • It is extremely quiet in operation
  • The windcharger is less than one meter in diameter
  • The solar panel complements the windcharger, delivering power throughout the summer and into icy cold winter days

Each system is supplied with solar panels

  • Each system is supplied with a high quality 85W photovoltaic panel as standard and other sizes are available to order

The Green Column has been developed as part of Marlec’s continued commitment to expanding the use of renewable energies around the world. The system can even be adapted for applications other than roadside illumination, such as shore based navigation systems, cctv and other novel uses.

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