Solar Panels for Caravans


Mobile or static, solar power works for you

Solar panels for caravans and motor homes are an ideal investment owners looking to run small appliances and lighting. They can be used ensure that the batteries are always topped up and are safe from deep discharge when the caravan is left alone for long periods. Larger systems with more power can be used to provide “bulk” power to help you run your appliances when you are staying onboard.

Solar Power advantages over generators


  • Quieter
  • Cheaper
  • Lightweight



Whether you plan to mount your solar panel permanently on your roof or temporarily as and when you need it; Marlec has developed a solar panel range over its 25 years in the solar panel industry to ensure all needs are catered for. We also stock Solar Regulators to control the charge into your batteries, and all the off-grid accessories to complete your power system. If you need any advice on designing a suitable system please contact us to talk to our sales team.

Types of applications

Touring Caravans

Motorhome Caravans

Solar Fixed Bed

Flexible and Semi-Flexible Modules

These solar panels can be fitted flush to the roof of your caravan to minimise drag and give an aesthetic finish. Being slightly flexible means you can fit them to the curve of your roof and they can even be glued in place.


  • 5-32W Power Rating
  • Semi-Flexible
  • Surface Mounting
  • No Frame
  • Tedlar and Fiberglass Surface
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • 3m Seawater Sealed Cable Included
  • Blocking diode included


  • 24-69W Power Rating
  •  Semi-Flexible
  •  Surface Mounting
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • EVA Surface
  • Teflon Coated Surface
  • 3m Seawater Sealed Cable Included
  •  Blocking diode Included

Framed Modules

These panels have a rigid frame with a glass front. They give a higher output power density than the flexible panels, and are cheaper per Watt of output power. They can either be fitted to your roof, or temporarily laid out facing the sun when you park up.


  • 10-140W Power Rating
  • Framed (Not Flexible)
  • Gantry/Bracket for Mounting
  • Silver Anodised Aluminium Frame
  • EVA Surface
  • Transmissive Toughened Glass
  • J Box


  • 75W-150W Power Rating
  • Framed (Not Flexible)
  • Mounting Brackets for fixing to vehicle roofs included
  • Aluminum Frame
  • EVA Surface
  • Transmissive Toughened Glass
  • plug-in 3m cable
  • No Blocking diode

Need More Power?

Your solar system can always be complemented with a small wind turbine from our Rutland Range.