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Experience the Ultimate Charging Experience with Veva EV Charger

Veva EV charger is a 7.4kW Single Phase EV charger available in Tethered with a built-in 8M cable and Untethered with a built-in type 2 plug holster. Veve has been designed and manufactured to exceed the needs of EV owners by offering them a customised charging experience without compromising on style.


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Hassle-Free EV Charger Installation

Veva EV charger has been designed for fast and simple installation, ensuring EV owners can begin charging at home as quickly as possible. The easy-to-access terminals and multipoint cable entry design give installers peace of mind that Veva will be a hassle-free install.

Interchangeable Fascias

Veva’s interchangeable fascias come in different styles, allowing you to customise the look of your charger to match your home aesthetics.

Two fascia designs are included as standard, helping match your car charger to your home aesthetics.

An optional fascia is available and allows up to 4 fascia designs.



Save Money and Utilise Self-Generated Energy

Veva EV charger allows you to customise your charging schedule to take advantage of off-peak tariff times. Veva is also solar PV compatible, enabling you to utilise the solar energy generated from your panels to charge your car.

With the Veva app, you have the flexibility to choose when and how to charge your vehicle. You can select from three different charging modes: eco charge, which uses only solar PV, a hybrid charge, which uses a combination of solar and grid power or fast charge which uses only grid power.

Veva EV Charger


8M Type 2 Tethered Cable Included

Built-in Type 2 Holster

Choose from 4 Fascia Designs

3 Year Warranty

UK Manufactured

Veva EV Charger


Veva EV Charger Untethered

Built-in Type 2 Holster

Choose from 4 Fascia Designs

3 Year Warranty

UK Manufactured

Fast and Efficient Updates

Veva uses OTA (over-the-air) programming technology, meaning every Veva car charger can be remotely updated, making updates fast and efficient without needing a physical connection.

Built-in PEN Protection

Veva continuously monitors the incoming supply and isolates live, neutral, and earth connections to the connected vehicle if the voltage exceeds 253V or drops below 207V. It will automatically recover when the supply voltage returns to a permissible range. Veva’s built-in PEN protection means, for most installs, an earth rod is not required, increasing installation time.

UK Manufactured

Veva is backed by Marlec and Em-lite, two leading UK manufacturing companies. Marlec is the UK’s longest-standing multi-award-winning renewable energy company, manufacturing micro wind turbines and providing off-grid energy solutions since 1978. Em-lite is a specialist in manufacturing smart and prepayment meters that can be found in millions of UK homes. Together, Marlec and Em-Lite have designed and manufactured an EV charger that exceeds the needs of EV owners when charging at home.

Additional Features

Smart Charge Points Compliant
Veva EV Charger Smart Charge Points Compliant

Veva is fully compliant with the smart charge points regulations, giving you peace of mind and letting you focus on plugging in.

WiFi Connectivity
Veva EV Charger Built-in Wifi

Veva comes with WiFi built-in for seamless connection to the mobile app.

Load Balancing
Veva EV Charger PEN Protection

Veva constantly monitors the properties load and will automatically reduce the charging current if needed.

Multi Coloured LED Charging Indicator
Veva EV Charger LED

The built-in multi-colour LED indicator gives a real-time indication of how the EV charger is performing.

Veva Mobile App

Access your Veva charger 24/7 with our intelligent and innovative mobile app. We’ve made remote monitoring and customisation simple.

Real-Time Data

You can view real-time charging status with push notifications on charging performance and charging history with the Veva mobile app.

Charging from the Palm of Your Hand

Our clever mobile app gives complete control to the EV owner. You’re in control. Boost and pause charging at the press of a button on your preferred schedule.

Charging History Analysis

We make charging analysis easier. Filter by day or month and drill into how much each charge costs, the added kWh and duration.

Full Access and Customisation

With absolute access, tailor your charger settings to suit your needs. Open your app and modify a range of features from your Charging Schedules, LED light ring and user list to your Charger Name. Plus, you can feel assured by the remote Holiday Mode lock feature, protecting your assets no matter where you are.

Adjustable Pricing for Accurate Reporting

Manually set weekday and weekend pricing using the Veva app to get accurate reporting on daily and monthly charging. If electricity prices change, the app allows you to adjust these easily at any time.

Veva EV Charger Mobile App


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