Solar Power


Solar Power is free

Solar Power can be used to provide free energy from the sun for many different applications. Marlec Engineering are experts in off-grid and grid connected solar installations with over 30 years experience in the field. As a distributor of a range of solar panel types for many different purposes, and with an experienced in house design team we are able to realise your goals whatever your requirement.

Solar Panels can be used:

  • To generate power on boats, caravans and other mobile demands
  • To charge batteries for leisure and professional uses
  • To power off-grid remote applications with integrated Wind and Solar Systems



A proven, reliable range of solar panels in the market for nearly 40 years. a must for professional applicaions.

  • Ranges from 10-140W
  • Heavy duty frame for high wind loads
  • Gantry/Bracket
  • Silver Anodised Aluminium Frame
  • Transmissive Toughened Glass
  • Large terminal J Box


An excellent value solar panel, that’s good enough for professional as well as leisure uses.

  • Ranges from 10-200W
  • Rigid frame & glass
  • Gantry/Bracket mounting
  • Silver Anodised Aluminium Frame
  • Transmissive Toughened Glass
  • J Box


Specifically Designed for a professional yet affordable look for any leisure application with the ability to keep batteries constantly charged.

  • Ranges from 75-150W
  • Rigid frame & glass
  • Mounting brackets for fixing to vehicle roofs included
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Transmissive Toughened Glass
  • Plug-in 3m cable

Semi Flexible

Spectra PERC-S

A new range of “back contact” high efficiency solar panels exclusively designed for Marlec.

  • Ranges from 30W – 400W
  • Framed Glass
  • Sleek Black frame
  • PERC (Passivated Emiter Rear Cell) Technology.
  • Shingled Cell Module Design
  • 3m durable Cable
  • Blocking Diode


The solar panel of choice… and a must for long distance cruising!

  • Ranges from 25-100W
  • Semi Flexible
  • Slimline surface mounted & foldable
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel Frame
  • Teflon Coated Surface
  • 3m Seawater Sealed Cable
  • Blocking Diode


An affordable solar panel that allows you to enjoy your leisure time without worrying about your batteries

  • Ranges from 5-50W
  • Semi Flexible
  • Slimline Surface Mounted
  • Tedlar and Fiberglass structure
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • 3m durable Cable
  • Blocking Diode

Other Panels

A+ Life Solar Panel 7.5W

Solar Cell 3.3V 150mA

Solar Cell 7.5V 150mA

This handy and lightweight solar car battery charger keeps your batteries from deep discharge by replacing the natural discharge when you are away.

  • Powerful 7.5W
  • Plugs into a cigarette lighter socket
  • Comes with 1.5m cigar lighter plug and 3m cable with clamps
  • Permanent fixing screws included
  • Ideal for winter battery maintenance

These solar cells are ideal for school experiments and can be used to show:

  • The distance and angle between the light source and the solar cell affecting the voltage.
  • The distance and angle between the light source and the solar cell affecting the current.
  • This light intensity affecting the voltage and current of the solar cell.
  • The affect of the different wavelengths from different coloured lights on the voltage and current of the solar cell.

The cells are also usefull for classroom practicals and can be set up direct driving small low power devices or low voltage battery charging.

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