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Spectra is Marlec’s range of solar charge controllers for PV systems. These intelligent 10A, 20A and 30A regulators use Pulse Width Modulation to deliver bulk, absorption, float and equalised charging regimes ensuring batteries get fully charged and are maintained in good condition. Two MPPT options available in 10A and 20A for achieving even higher energy yield of your solar panel.



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Spectra PWM Solar Regulators

All models include an easy to view LCD display with simple to operate push buttons for scrolling and settings where needed. The 10A and 20A models include 2 USB charge points, 5V 1A rated, making these Spectra models excellent value for the user. Standard features include:

  • User adjustable voltage setting
  • Automatic system voltage setting
  • Low voltage disconnect feature
  • Temperature compensation
  • Over current and reverse discharge protection
  • Push button operation
  • Dusk to dawn switching feature

Simple to Connect Spectra Regulators

The large terminals accept cables up to 10mm2 (16mm² for the 30A model).

Auto Detection Voltage Setting

Connect the battery first for the regulator to auto-detect your intended operating voltage to 12V or 24V.

USB Connection Points: 10A & 20A PWM Models Only

Display Screens

The built in display keeps the system user informed about the current operating mode and condition of the battery. It is also used to programme voltage settings and set up of the lighting function. A few examples are:

Indicates the battery voltage levels and the night light function is on

Indicates that solar energy is charging in the Absorption phase. No load is connected.

Indicates that the battery is fully charged and receiving solar energy to float charge to maintain it. No load is connected.

Indicates that the battery is in a critically low state of charge and the Low Voltage Disconnect has shut down the load. No solar energy is being generated at this time.

Spectra MPPT Solar Regulators

The new MPPT solar controllers use full digital technology to efficiently track the Max Power Point at 99.9% to boost the energy yield of your solar panels. Multi-stage charging ensures good battery conditioning to improve the lifetime of batteries too.

MPPT Model 10A 20A 40A
System Voltage 12V 12V / 24V 12V /24V
Max PV Input V Open Circuit 40V 90V 90V
Battery Types Liquid, GEL, AGM Liquid, GEL, AGM, Lithium Liquid, GEL, AGM, Lithium
Communication RS485 (RJ11 interface) RS485 (RJ11 interface) RS485 (RJ11 interface)
Marlec MPPT Solar Regulators


Spectra PV Regulator Maximum
Solar Panel
Rating (12V)
Solar Panel
Rating (24V)
Spectra PV 10A  125W  250W  160 x 88 x 42.5
Spectra PV 20A  250W  500W  178 x 101.5 x 45.5
Spectra PV 30A  375W  750W  196 x 111 x 54
Spectra MPPT 10A 130W 189 x 96 x 53
Spectra MPPT 20A 260W 520W 136.6x 136.6 x 67.1
Spectra MPPT 40A 520W 1040W 196.5 x 136.6 x 97.1

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  1. Lam Brooks

    I have a boat on a ‘sheltered’ marina berth, so a wind generator wasn’t an option, so I coupled a Spectra 10A Regulator to a 15W solor panel to top my engine battery which has a maintained supply – alarm system and auto bilge watch. Seems to do the trick and the simple graphics on the display makes it easy to understand.

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