Wind power for caravans, camping & leisure

Wind Power

Wondering if you can use wind power for caravans?

Yes you can and it’s probably simpler than you think!  Take a look at how easy it is to use our portable Rutland turbines to generate wind power for Caravans, Motorhomes, Camping and Off Grid Homes.

Our Rutland Windchargers are not only convenient but they save you money too, here’s how:

  • No more need for mains hook up sites, so you can cut your costs.
  • Use of your on board battery charger will reduce, saving on fuel consumption.
  • Keeping your batteries in tip–top condition will ensure a longer service life so reducing the number of costly replacements.

…. and you can enjoy the freedom to camp at a wider choice of locations knowing that your batteries are getting topped up.

Rutland Windcharger systems can give you compelte energy independence and with the Rutland’s reputation for  excellent low wind speed performance even the gentlest of breezes will top up your batteries.

Wind & solar power are free and abundant sources of energy and once fitted you can let nature do the work while you relax into leisure time.

Our expertise in marine micro wind turbines is second to none….

  • We have sold over 100,000 of our turbines worldwide, mostly to sailboat owners.
  • We have been developing and manufacturing the Rutlands in the UK for over 35 years.
  • We have led the field in voltage regulator technology with products that combine wind and solar charging, do multi-stage charging and reduce running time of the turbine when the batteries are full.
  • We have over 25 years experience of solar panel applications too and usually recommend a hybrid wind/solar charging system for long distance cruising.

What types of Rutland Windchargers can be used?

Rutland 914i – Generates wind power for Caravans, Campers, Motorhomes

Motorhomes with high energy demands the Rutland 914i will prove a powerful addition to the charging regime on board.  It can be mounted on a pole positioned alongside and supported by the motorhome, 4 – 6m high.  A pivot type pole may be mounted on or alongside the rooftop to raise the turbine with supports when stationary.

Typical battery sizes from 150Ah.

Rutland FM910-4 Furlmatic – Generates wind power for caravans (Static), Off Grid Homes or permanently mounted locations

This well tried and tested turbine has proven itself probably the most durable small turbine on the market for it’s endurance at isolated and unattended sites around the world.  It’s furling tail system works to slow down the turbine in wind speeds over 12.5m/s (35mph).  Its reliability has been demonstrated on thousands of sites around the world over the last 30 years with many units in service for over 15 years.
If it’s a windy location then you can rely on the Rutland Furlmatic model to capture that energy!

Typical battery banks from 150Ah – 600Ah.

Mounting kits, Voltage Regulators, Solar Panels and other accessories are available to fit seamlessly with each Rutland and are designed for ease of installation and use.

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