Solar Powered Bus Shelters

Solar Powered Bus Shelters from the UK’s Longest Established Renewable Energy Company

Marlec’s solar powered bus shelter lighting kits make night time at bus shelters safer and more pleasant for public transport users. By creating a well lit welcoming environment in the shelter the Marlec solution reduces fear or crime and creates an increased willingness to use public transport.

Through the use of state-of-the-art technology and Marlec’s expertise in renewable energy, customers can be confident that the solar powered bus shelter lighting kit will provide them with years of maintenance-free power.

Solar Powered Bus Shelter

The UK’s First

Marlec’s expertise in solar powered bus shelters goes back to the early 2000’s where Marlec provided the UK’s first ever wind and solar powered bus shelter for a local council in Scotland.

Since then Marlec have continued to provide local councils with a proven off grid solution for poor lit shelters. This solution which is much cheaper and easier to install than the traditional method of trenching cables in order to connect the shelter to the grid. Also in rural location, connecting shelters to mains power supply is not only uneconomical but also impossible which means the Marlec solution can provide year round illumination in almost any location.

Marlec renewable powered bus shelter kit
Marlec renewable powered bus shelter kit

Innovative, Sustainable and Reliable Lighting System

The Marlec solar-powered bus shelter lighting kit is the perfect solution for councils looking to reduce their carbon footprint and increase safety in public spaces.

Our innovative, plug-and-play system is powered by renewable energy, so you won’t have to worry about installation and maintenance costs or the risk of vandalism in unlit shelters. The powerful LED light with PIR sensor ensures no one will be left in the dark or without protection from vandalism—even if their bus arrives late!

The intelligent LC101 controller is the brains of the system and allows us to set up your lighting system in minutes. We adjust the brightness and dimming parameters based on your needs.  We can also arrange a site visit to discuss individual requirements and the parameters required for the system. Contact us at [email protected].

What’s Included?

LC101 Controller

This in-house UK manufactured lighting controller enables the installer to fully customise the lighting parameters and provides 365-day illumination in northern hemisphere.

Cables & Connectors

These easy plug & play cables for the LED light, LC101 controller, solar panel and battery make installation quick and easy.

SpectraLiteS Solar Panel

The SpectraLiteS is Marlec’s own range of highly durable and reliable semi-flexible solar panels suitable for all applications.


These high quality, heavy duty recycled AGM batteries are proven in the harshest environments that demand consistent reliable power.

LED Light & Built-in PIR

This high quality fully dimmable high power LED light with vandal-proof housing and built-in PIR sensor.


✔  Powered from renewable energy.

✔  Quick and easy to install thanks to it’s Plug & Play technology.

✔  In-house manufactured LC101 lighting controller for fully customising the lighting parameters.

✔  IP-65 rated cabling makes the system resistant to water damage.

✔  A durable and reliable system that is maintenance free once installed.

✔  Designed and manufactured in the UK using the highest quality components.

✔  From the UK’s longest established renewable energy company.

Easiest Option To Install That’s Out There

We have used the Marlec bus shelter kit for many installs. The quality of the panels used has complimented the system to charge very efficiently even in the most difficult of weather. They are the toughest panels we have ever used for these applications to date.

The LED light fitting supplied is the strongest and most rugged fitting we have witnessed over the years and the motion PIR sensor is much more resistant to knocks.

Combined with the controller you have full control of all the parameters to suit the application making your installation as efficient as it possibly can be for the client. We will be continuing our roll outs with this kit from now on. It is the best and easiest option to install that’s out there.

– Isle of Man Installer