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Experience the powerful but quiet operation of the new Tri-namic profile blade. Our latest turbine, the Rutland 1200, is the ideal companion for generating energy on board, read on to find out why it is the most technologically advanced micro wind turbine and controller in its class.

Part No: RUT-1200

What is the Rutland 1200 Marine Windcharger?

The Rutland 1200 Marine is the latest in the Rutland family of marine turbines used by yachtsmen around the world since our first model in 1978. This high efficiency and technologically advanced turbine uses a high-tech MPPT controller specifically designed for charging 2 battery banks with the feature to accept input for solar panels.

When you need a reliable source of power on-board, take a look at the Rutland 1200 Marine turbine. Designed, developed and manufactured by Marlec in the UK, the Rutland 1200 Marine captures the energy in the wind to provide the power you need for fully charged batteries on board. The almost silent operation is a key feature of this innovative marine turbine that’s specifically designed for the power needs of yachts 12m or more.

Typical Applications

• Long Distance Cruising
• Coastal Cruising
• Narrowboats & Barges
• Electric Boats

 Generate Power For:

• Navigation Equipment
• Electric Winches
• Lighting, Chargers, PC’s etc
• Refrigerators

Rutland 1200 Marine Turbine
Rutland 1200 Marine Turbine
Rutland 1200 Marine Turbine

Why Choose The Rutland 1200 Marine Windcharger

Rutland 1200 Marine Turbine

Our Rutland 1200 Marine Turbine sets the standards for micro wind turbines in both performance and reliability. At our manufacturing facility in Corby, UK we use high grade materials to create a robust, high quality and long lasting turbine. Distinctive blue hard anodized marine grade aluminium, modern and lightweight UV stable injection mouldings and stainless steel components and fasteners perform in temperatures experienced from the Arctic to the equator.

Designed for marine applications

Modern, durable materials for excellent reliability and product longevity

Simple and fast to install

Enables batteries on-board to be fully charged using natural resources

√ Eliminating the need for engine charging

Available in 12V and 24V

Generates up to 483W

Produces 290W at 11m/s (21 knots) wind speeds

Manufactured using high quality materials, designed to endure harsh environments

Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK by the UK’s longest established renewable energy company.

Rutland 1200 Marine Turbine Features

The Rutland 1200 Marine combines a highly efficient wind turbine with innovative design features and a technologically advanced controller designed for marine applications. Together they generate real-life levels of power that lead the market of micro wind turbines.

There are three technical advantages the Rutland 1200 Windcharger has over similar models in the market:

Unique Tri-Namic Aerofoil Blades

The refined aerofoil blade profile is purpose designed for quietness, low windspeed start up and high wind peak aerodynamic performance. Each injection moulded blade is identical and perfectly balanced for smooth operation.

• A rotor that remains virtually silent across all windspeeds.
• A very low cut-in windspeed that starts charging at <3m/s (6mph/9kmph)
• Unrivalled power generation of 250W at 10m/s (23mph/37kmph) and peak power of 483W @ 15m/s.
Our efficient, finely profiled Tri-namic blades ensure that the Rutland 1200 converts the maximum energy available in the wind to charge your batteries.


The Rutland 1200 generator is based on Marlec’s pioneering disk type design. Its low resistance AC operation combines the latest powerful rare earth type magnets with a 3-phase winding and low friction bearings. This is housed in a protective aluminium casing and all manufactured by Marlec in the UK.

• Cool operation which increases efficiency and reliability.
• The low resistance generator works in harmony with the aerofoil blades and controller to ensure that across the whole range of windspeeds the Rutland 1200 generates the maximum energy possible from the available wind.
• The generator is sealed to withstand weather conditions around the world.

The overall benefit is greater Ampere hours of energy delivered to your battery.

Elegant and Aerodynamically Styled

The sculpted nose and nacelle efficiently direct the flow of air leading to the built-in tail fin which directs the rotor to the prevailing wind.

Rutland 1200 Turbine

Hybrid MPPT Controller Specifications

This purpose designed Rutland 1200 Marine Hybrid Controller incorporates hi-tech features to fully optimise power generation from both the turbine and solar panels and to prevent overcharging the batteries. The facility for charging 2 battery banks is an especially useful feature on-board.

The controller is a key component in the Rutland 1200’s holistic design by Marlec providing intelligence at managing the renewable energy generation. By design the controller will operate with lead acid, AGM and gel batteries. The charge parameters can be programmed using the Rutland Controller Interface cable and PC App for other battery technologies.

Rutland 1200 Marine Controller

Operating Technologies

Maximum Power Point Tracking

MPPT technology is an intelligent microprocessor controlled feature that electronically optimises power generation. Both the wind and solar energy inputs benefit from the MPPT technology:
MPPT enables the Rutland 1200 to commence charging at very low rotor speeds in gentle breezes from just 2.5m/s or 5Knots. MPPT ensures that energy is captured in the most typical low to medium windspeeds experienced daily.
Solar Photovoltaic Panel MPPT – low daylight can be enough to start and keep solar panels charging using the controller’s built-in MPPT PV input maximising generation over the whole day.

Overcharge Control

Digital technology used by our engineers very effectively prevents batteries overcharging. Battery voltage levels are continuously monitored and as full capacity is reached the turbine speed is controlled thereby preventing overcharging. The blades may run slowly and automatically resume normal operation as the battery depletes.

Multi-Stage Charging Regime

An algorithm embedded within the overcharge control provides multi-stage charging to maintain it through Bulk, Absorption and Float phases. The system responds to changes in the state of the battery to deliver as much available energy to maintain or reach full charge capacity. This charging regime promotes good capacity and battery longevity.

Connection Features

Temperature Compensation

A temperature sensor is included and when fitted this feature automatically adjusts the charging regime voltage levels according to any variation from the standard 25˚C settings. This ensures batteries reach and maintain full capacity whatever the ambient temperature. Can also be used as an input for a remote shutdown facility. Contact us for details.

Remote Voltage Sensor

This connection facility enables the user to fit sensor wires by to detect actual battery voltage on batteries located >1.5m away. The controller operates based on those readings, overcoming any voltage drop in the battery cables. 2 positions are available.

Serial Data Socket

Provides a connection for user options;

Optional Remote Display, data collection for professional systems or Marlec Controller Interface Cable with App for programming of Voltage and other parameters required for other battery types, e.g. Lithium.

Operating Features

Run / Stall Button with LED Indicator

Used to manually start and soft stall operation. Soft-stall is a deceleration of the rotor until it eventually spins at a slow idle. Bi-colour LED indicates charging status; Standby, Charging and Regulating

Battery LED Indicator

Tri-colour indicates battery charge level.

Electronic Over Current Shut-down

This protection automatically activates in high currents to reduce electrical load on the generator and mechanical load on the tower. This stalls the turbine and resets after 5 minutes, it may cycle in high winds.

Electronic Over Temperature Shut-down

Automatically activates if the controller internal operating temperatures are exceeded. The turbine is temporarily stalled.

Rutland 100 Remote Display

View actual performance, the operating condition and remotely shutdown using the new Rutland 1200 Remote Display. The Remote Digital Display is designed to be conveniently located on board, for example on a chart table. There are a number of optional screens for continuous display: wind power generation, solar generation or the default screen where both these, battery voltages and charge status are displayed.


  • Push buttons simply scroll through the screen and access setting options.
  • 2 Installation options come as standard for surface or recess mounting and connection to the controller is made via the supplied 3m serial cable. 5m and 10m replacement cable available in our shop.
  • Surface mount : 125 x 75 x 50mm, 203g
  • Recess Mount: 125 x 75 x 9mm, 132g   Cut out : 100 x 62mm
  • Packed : 155 x 145 x 60, 320g
Rutland 1200 Remote Display

Rutland 1200 Specifications

Cut in Windspeed 2.5 m/s
Output Voltages Available (Nominal) 12V 24V
Power / Current Ratings:
5m/s     10knots 40W (2.9A) 40W (1.45A)
11m/s   21knots 290W (21.3) 290W (10.7A)
15m/s   29knots 483W (35.5A) 483W (17.76A)
Packed Weight & Dimensions  900 x 390 x 185mm 11.25kg
Generator Type  Low friction, brushless 3 phase alternator with high specification rare earth magnets
Yaw Rotation  Slipring and brush gear for 360º free rotation
Governing Devices  Electronic stalling for electrical protection and to prevent over-charging
Post Fixing Internal / External Diameter 41mm / 48mm over a minimum of 600mm length to clear blade tips
Minimum Tower Height  Minimum 2.7m On-Board (9ft)
Turbine Diameter  1200mm (48in)
Turning Radius  620mm (24 3/8 in)
Turbine Net Weight  7.8kg (17.2lbs)
Controller Dimensions & Weight 258 x 164 x 68mm, 1.3kg (10 x 6.45 x 2.67in, 2.86lbs)
NB: 5cm clearance required on all sides
Packed Weight & Dimensions
900 x 390 x 185mm, 11.25kg (35.4 x 15.3 x 7.2in, 24.8lbs)

Performance of the Rutland 1200 Marine

Actual Performance Data

We publish our curves based on measured data and use ongoing actual performance data collected and monitored over long periods of time of the turbines running in clear and real wind conditions. This means the turbines are also subject to side winds, upwinds and sudden changes of wind direction (these are the causes of turbulence) experienced at a user’s typical installation. Our curves represent a truer reflection of the power output you can expect from your Rutland Windcharger compared with many other turbines.

Whats a Power Curve?

A power curve is usually given by manufacturers to represent the performance of a wind turbine. Some may be based on theoretical or predicted output and others plot the power achieved under steady state conditions. Wind tunnel testing and turbines run on vehicle rooftops can provide useful information for a manufacturer but power curves derived in this way need to be understood as running in a clear and unobstructed wind flow so they do not represent what is actually achieved in real wind conditions. Power curves from theoretical analysis cannot be regarded as representing what is actually achieved at all.

Energy Yield

A more useful guide of how much power you can expect from your turbine is the Annual Energy Yield. That’s because wind energy is a “cube law,” which means that when the windspeed doubles the power potential is 8 times! Check the Annual Energy Yield bar chart which uses the Rayleigh distribution to calculate the Ampere hours of battery charging you can expect at given average wind speeds per annum. As these are averaged across the year you should consider how these figures will ebb and flow across the seasons when you might expect a higher average during the windier seasons. We often recommend the combination of wind and solar charging to smooth out the daily energy yield.

Rutland 1200 Marine Bundles

Rutland 1200 Duo Kit


Buy 12VBuy 24V


  • Rutland 1200 (12V or 24V )
  • Rutland 1200 Regulator (charges dual battery banks)
  • Marine Mounting Kit
  • Marine Stays Kit

Rutland 1200 Duo Expert Kit


Buy 12VBuy 24V


  • Rutland 1200 (12V or 24V )
  • Rutland 1200 Regulator (charges dual battery banks)
  • Marine Mounting Kit
  • Marine Stays Kit
  • Rutland 1200 Remote Display

*Cable not included. Cable specification is subject to required length.

Cable for Windcharger to Controller

902-037 2.5mm² OceanFlex –  3 Core Cable (per meter) £3.17
 902-042 4mm² Tinned – 3 Core Cable (per meter) £10.15

902-043 6mm² Tinned – 3 Core Cable (per meter) £22.94

Controller to Battery

902-027 Cable 16mm² Red (per meter) £7.66
 902-028 Cable 16mm² Black (per meter) £7.66

Our Guarantee to You

Rutland Windchargers are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK by Marlec.  We warrant our products for 2 years from date of purchase.  With over 35 years of experience in our field we continuously develop designs and materials to ensure our products withstand the rigours of the testing environments that our customers put our Windchargers through.  You can buy with confidence that our products will endure, will meet our claimed specifications and that you are buying a product that has sold, in its versions, worldwide in excess of 100,000 units fully supported by our sales and engineering teams here in Corby, UK.

11 reviews for Rutland 1200 Marine Windcharger

  1. Dean Adams (verified owner)

    Finally having installed my Rutland 1200 after months of lockdown, I found that I needed a non-standard length of steel for one of the stays. Contacted Rutland, and Stuart James, the Business Development Manager, sorted things out for me – no problems at all, just as he had already done when I couldn’t get hold of the thick 3-core wiring. All fitted and I’m really pleased with it. Can’t recommend Marlec enough for the quality of the product and their customer care. Really great to see such a good British company,

  2. Steve Benn

    Following problems with ‘low mast height’ due to mounting difficulties I contacted Marlec, my call was returned by Stuart James, the Business Development Manager who after discussions agreed to supply a non standard extra length section to overcome problems. Excellent customer service.

  3. J Doran

    Hi just to let you know that the Rutland 1200 Windcharger survived the hurricane Ophelia and worked very well and controlled it self very well.

  4. John & Pam Batson

    We’re now out living aboard enjoying the boat and can honestly say we are delighted with the performance of The Rutland 1200 Wind Generator. Teresa and David were both so helpful.

  5. Helen & Chris

    With the solar panels we bought from you and the wind generator we are managing well at anchor here , we will certainly be singing your products praises to other possible World Arc participants as the areas are so remote that you have to be self sufficient for energy.

  6. Andrew Geddes

    As potential purchasers there is a tendency to take the marketing stuff from various manufacturers with a pinch of salt. In this case i think the Rutland 1200 does EVEN BETTER than their publicity. Superb. So quiet i need to look up to see if it is working. A friend of mine has a windgen from guys who reckon they have the most “silent” and i have sailed about 1,500 Nm on his yacht. Makes so much noise he has to shut it down to get some sleep. I love the Rutland 1200, so quiet.
    “Genial Bee”
    Jeanneau 43ds

  7. Gordon Ash

    From consulting and advising prior to the purchase through to commissioning on our 5th Wheel Caravan the Marlec Team has been absolutely outstanding. The Rutland 1200 is powerful yet quiet and now allows us to camp ‘off the grid’ with the confidence of knowing in virtually any wind our batteries are being fully charged. Topping it off being able to monitor the output from the Remote Display from inside our unit is fantastic, thank you again Marlec!

  8. Christopher Brunt

    First real test of the Rutland 1200 crossing Biscay in Light conditions I have only had to use my engine once and that was to make hot water! The Rutland 1200 has more than kept up with my power demands and it starts up in such light winds which only makes me think that it is windier than it actually is ! Excellent product I can well recommend .

  9. P Landino (E-Marine Systems)

    We’ve had two of our recent customers return their purchased turbine from another manufacturer to be replaced with the 1200. I think that’s a good sign.

  10. H Tibbs

    The wind Charger is absolutely brilliant WE LOVE IT !! In Fact Chris just sent an article to Yachting World and gave The Rultand charger very positive coverage. We have had varied weather and loads of wind 35knt whilst we were in Baiona and she just kept wizzing nicely . We have a nickname for the charger and have called her Twirley . It is so nice not to have to use the engine to charge the batteries . We are running two fridges and two chart plotters and all the instruments and haven’t had to run the engine for charging at all .

  11. J Delisky

    So that you know it was a tough decision between the 1200 and what seems to be the most popular unit in the Caribbean, the D400. Typically I avoid new products but made an exception in this case. This was based very much on your company’s reputation with previous units. My decision has been confirmed by the support you’ve provided. I’ll certainly advocate the Rutland 1200 and Marlec moving forward. Thanks again!

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