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Presenting the iBoost+ Buddy, the perfect partner for remotely monitoring and controlling your Solar iBoost+.

Effortlessly track and manage your home’s energy consumption with the iBoost+ Buddy. The eco-gauge provides real-time insights into available surplus energy, enabling you to make informed decisions when powering your appliances.

Please note that the iBoost+ Buddy is specifically designed to complement the Solar iBoost+, and it is not compatible with the Solar iBoost original or the Solar iBoost+ versions for Australia and New Zealand.

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Effortless Self-Consumption Management

  • Streamline self-consumption with the iBoost+ Buddy+.
  • Wirelessly pair with Solar iBoost+ for instant monitoring and control.
  • Monitor changing energy flow and export levels from anywhere.
  • Take charge of the Boost function remotely for optimal efficiency.

Monitor and Control Solar iBoost+ From Anywhere Within Your Home

  • Battery and Signal Insights: Check Solar iBoost+ sender battery status and wireless signal strength at a glance.
  • Eco-Gauge and Digital Readout: Real-time display of your home energy status, tracking grid imports or spare generation exports.
  • Remote Screen Access: Monitor Solar iBoost+ screen remotely for effortless management.
  • Instant Savings Calculation: Get live £-per-hour savings.
  • Comprehensive Savings History: View savings history for today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 28 days, and overall total.
  • Traffic Light Energy System:
    • Green Glow: Indicates over 300W generation being exported.
    • Red Glow: Signals over 300W grid import.
    • Amber Glow: Indicates balanced household consumption.

Solar iBoost+ Buddy Display


  • For use with Solar iBoost+
  • Dimensions: 115 x 66 x 23mm, 150g (excluding stand)
  • Power consumption: <1W
  • Radio Range: 1 to 30M indoors (dependant on construction and local conditions)
  • Operating radio Frequency: 868.3 MHz
  • Operating temperature range: 0 to 40 ºC

(The iBoost+ Buddy is suitable for homeowners to install)

In This Box:

  • iBoost+ Buddy unit
  • Stand fixing screw
  • USB charging cable
  • Operating Instructions

4 reviews for iBoost+ Buddy

  1. Pete

    iBoost Buddy is great – have it by the TV and it saves me exporting energy once the hot water has reached the temp. Only down side is that it does not connect to IoT would be grat if that could be added.

  2. J. Mohiki

    Very thorough and easy to understand information provided here, especially useful when my installer has failed to provide me with a user manual!

  3. Stephen Cuthbert

    We have had the solar iBoost for a couple of years, recently we moved to an electric hot water tank giving us mains water pressure to our hot water, our iBoost had lost its way a little and we were struggling to reset it up, a call to Marlec quickly resolved the issue for use, we found them very friendly, helpful and proffesional, all this and we didn’t even buy the iBoost from Marlec. I would highly recommend Marlec.

  4. Robin May

    Excellent way of monitoring the iBoost+ at work. The traffic light system is simple to understand and the values tell you how much items around the house consume when on, or more importantly it highlights times when free energy from your solar panels is there to be used.
    Two minor gripes. The cable and mains plug is black, a white option would be nice, especially in a kitchen. Also the screen is very basic and black and white, a higher resolution colour screen would be nicer and add to the quality of this unit. Hence 4 stars instead of 5.
    Overall I would recommend buying one of these units to go with your iBoost+.

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