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40th Anniversary

2018 celebrated Marlec’s 40th anniversary in the renewable energy industry, we are the longest established in the UK industry and in an almost unique position worldwide.   We have remained continuously committed to the use of non-fossil fuels for energy generation and over the last 40 years have attained installations numbering more than 100,000 of our Rutland Windcharger turbines alone.   We were a key player in the emerging solar photovoltaic market from 1987 onwards and our solar panel distribution for BP Solar expanded from off grid sales to home PV systems.

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Marlec was formed in 1978 in Rutland – the smallest county in the UK – by our founder John Fawkes who subsequently received a Wind Energy Pioneer award from the British Wind Energy Association. As an early-retired successful engineer and businessman he was asked to investigate methods of keeping batteries topped up on farms to operate electric fence units located away from the grid. The solution was the Rutland Windcharger a simple, reliable, quiet and efficient wind driven battery charging generator.

Marlec’s premises based in Corby in the UK

Worldwide there are now tens of thousands satisfied Marlec product users and in some of the earth’s most extreme climates ranging from Antarctica to the Sahara Desert. Wherever there is a need for low power, at any location in the world, Marlec have the solution.

View our Introduction to Solar & Wind Energy for your boat: https://youtu.be/IfWAiYWKU6k

View our Introduction to Wind Energy & Wind Generators for your boat: https://youtu.be/Axss2U3aIlg

View our Introduction to Solar Energy & Solar Panels for your boat: https://youtu.be/xcf8J4LM_rk

International and Diverse Market Place

Uses for the Rutland Windcharger quickly diversified and they were soon seen on ocean going yachts, remote telecommunication sites, static caravans, isolated homes, navigational buoys and clinics in Africa.

Our heritage and expertise in renewable energy enables us to provide a turnkey design service for our customers. If you have a requirement to run your equipment off grid, we can configure and supply a complete power system for application to give you reliable year round power generation. We have provided systems for powering traffic equipment, remote CCTV installations, rural broadband sites, seismic activity sensors and hundreds of other applications.

Innovators in our Field

Marlec’s range of Rutland Windchargers has extended over the years and with a strong emphasis on product development and continuous improvement in design and performance. Our range grew from one model to a family of micro wind turbines, tried and tested in some of the world’s harshest environments.

In-house Manufacturing in ISO9001 Facility

Our in-house manufacturing capability utilises the latest engineering machinery and tooling, and our wind turbines are designed and tested in real wind conditions. Our Rutland Windchargers and accessories are proudly made in our Corby facility in the East Midlands of the UK.

Marlec is proud to be an ISO9001 registered company, one of very few in the renewable energy field internationally.

Solar PV Distribution for Nearly 30 Years

Marlec’s portfolio of clean energy products quickly grew from our Rutland Windchargers to include ranges of specialist photovoltaic (PV) panels for leisure and professional applications.  SunWare is a German premium manufacturer of semi flexible PV panels which Marlec represent in the UK alongside our own Spectra Solar range. We are also the UK stockist of Ameresco and Alpex PV panels. As a system solution provider we offer a range of accessories including charge controllers, batteries, inverters, low voltage power saving devices, cable and mounting kits.

Solar iBoost

As a long established renewable energy company we saw the requirement for a simple and reliable product to enable households to self consume more of their own power generation, we launched the renowned Solar iBoost in 2013 which became one of the best selling PV accessories in the UK market. Solar iBoost diverts excess energy generated by a grid connected PV system to the immersion heater to provide free hot water and off-set the cost of heating the water by gas or electricity. Solar iBoost is extremely popular with installers and the public alike, who can maximise the benefit of their PV investment.

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