About The SpectraLite SemiFlex Solar Panels


If you have a boat, RV, holiday home or even professional equipment that relies on battery power for lighting, computers or small appliances then you know how frustrating it can be to find discharged batteries.

Spectra solar panels are ideal for maintaining and replacing natural discharge in 12V deep cycle batteries for leisure and light professional applications. Once installed, the solar panel works quietly and efficiently at recharging without any effort on your part. We guarantee that you will find our SpectraLite solar range a reliable and affordable choice.


Spectralite from Marlec

Our latest range of Spectralite SemiFlex solar panels are more compact and efficient than before thanks to their high quality cell ETFE polymer and class A solar cell construction. This new ranger is split into two product lines, the Spectralite Semiflex that uses Mono crystalline cells and the Spectralite SemiFlex Pro which uses SunPower cells.

Thanks to their robust design the panels are tough enough to be walked on and enables them to be effective in low power commercial applications where their non-glass construction makes them shatterproof and vandal resistant.

Spectralite SemiFlex & Pro Features

Uses high quality ETFE polymer with inner aluminium back plate to prevent cracking of the cells and improves heat dissipation.

Panels are semi-flexible so can be slightly flexed without cell damage unlike conventional panels .

 Corners are rounded with cut out eyelets for safe and easy installation.

Lightweight, ultra flat, extremely robust, scratchproof, and sea/salt water resistant.

Built in blocking diode and 3M twin core cable included.

Spectralite SemiFlex Pro Features

Uses Sunpower’s Maxeon cells, proven to increase panel efficiency.

Coated with market leading brand DuPont ETFE for enhanced non slip and flexible design.

Spectralite SemiFlex Features

Uses high quality mono crystalline solar cells.

Coated with standard ETFE for non slip and flexible design.

SunPower Maxeon Cell

SunPower Maxeon Cells are industry leading solar cells, proven to be number one in efficiency. The Sunpower maxion cells are built in to the new SpectraLite Pro range, available in 50W,100W,150W and 200W.


High quality copper foundation that’s resistant to heat and humidity damage.

Durable cell design flexes in fluctuating temperatures.

Unique cell architecture performs better than conventional silicon cells in cloudy weather and partial shade.

Converts sunlight earlier and generation lasts longer through out the day compared to conventional panels.

Flexible and durable design ensure a continuous flow of solar energy.


PV Module Type / Peak Power Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Part Number
SpectraLite SemiFlex 10W 450 X 200 X 4 0.7 CA-10/450
SpectraLite SemiFlex 30W 600 X 365 X 4 1.35 CA-10/453
SpectraLite SemiFlex Pro 50W 570 X 520 X 4.5 1.8 CA-10/455
SpectraLite SemiFlex Pro 100W 1055 X 520 X 4.5 3.1 CA-10/456
SpectraLite SemiFlex Pro 150W 1460 X 540 X 4.5 5.3 CA-10/457
SpectraLite SemiFlex Pro 200W 1210 X 850 X 4.5 5.4 CA-10/458

Flat batteries are at best a nuisance and at worst a hazard. Now the problem can be easily solved by using the abundant natural power of the sun.


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