About The SunWare Textile Solar Panels

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Here’s a clever way to use your canopy or sprayhood

SunWare’s textile solar panels are quickly attached to a canopy to generate free electricity from the sun for battery charging. This is especially convenient when sailing as they can be temporarily fitted and removed.


Unique SunWare Textile Panels for Boats

SunWare understand that yachtsmen need energy when on board but deck space can be a premium and that’s why they’ve designed these handy foldable solar panels.  When you need extra power whilst sailing the Textile range are quick and easy to deploy over the sprayhood or canopy.   Their durable marine grade solar panels are mounted into a fabric which has Tenax washers ready for the mating fixings supplied which are also commonly found on bimini’s. When you are away simply disconnect and store flat on board, multiple panel models fold for easy stowing.


Single Panel

Quadruple Panel

Double Panel

SunWare Textile Features

SunWare’s reliable build quality is in every design feature of the TX range, from the high-performance crystalline solar cells, backed up by a 3 year warranty, to the use of industry standard Tenax fixings.  Each panel includes:

  • seawater-tight plug and socket
  • 10m of UV-resistant cable
  • Textile edge with built-in Tenax washers
  • Mating Tenax fasteners
  • Models that fold include a convenient carry bag as standard


PV Module Type Peak Power Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Part Number
SunWare Textile TX-12039v – Single Panel 38W 873 x 431 2.2 CA-10/211
SunWare Textile TX-12052 – Single Panel 50W 1108 x 431 2.7 CA-10/212
SunWare Textile TX-22039 – Double Panel 76W 873 x 826 4.2 CA-10/213
SunWare Textile TX-22052 – Double Panel 100W 1108 x 826 5.1 CA-10/214
SunWare Textile TX-42039 – Quadruple Panel 152W 929 x 1558 8.6 CA-10/215
SunWare Textile TX-42052 – Quadruple Panel 200W 1164 x 1558 10.4 CA-10/216

1 review for SunWare Textile Solar Panels

  1. Kirsteen Sanders

    We have a folding textile panel mounted on our spray hood. It is easy to fit using the fasteners provided. It is very effective and provides the power we require.

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