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    10W Spectra Framed PV Module

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  • Alpex Solar Panels


    An excellent value solar panel, that’s good enough for professional as well as leisure uses.

    Alpex Solar Panels have been selected by our experienced team here at Marlec, we look for a build quality that combines a durable frame, good photovoltaic cell performance with value for money for our customers. We introduced solar panels into our product portfolio in 1989 and have built up extensive and unrivaled experience in their application.  We work with our customers to provide them with successful solutions that enable them to experience the independence and benefits of off-grid power.



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  • Ameresco Solar Panels


    Ameresco Solar panels are a continuation of the previous BP Solar range of panels.  Ameresco, a US based energy company, acquired the manufacturing rights and maintain the very high quality electrical and structural designs employed to meet stringent standards.  Marlec were the authorized BP Solar representative in the UK for over 20 years and now working with Ameresco we offer continuity of supply of these excellent products to our customers.

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    Other Solar Panels

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  • Spectra Leisure solar panels


    Specifically Designed for a professional yet affordable look for any leisure application with the ability to keep batteries constantly charged.

    Our range of Spectra Leisure solar panels has been designed specifically for the needs of busy caravans and motor home owners. This range of powerful solar panels are easy to fit and choose which solar regulator to match it with. Spectra Leisure powerful ratings ensure that your battery will benefit whether you are on the move or stationary. Their streamlined shape makes them ideal for atop motorhome and caravan roofs.

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  • Spectra PERC-S Solar Panels


    Marlec’s new Spectra PERC Shingle solar panels are a new efficient way to generate free solar energy while using the minimum space and weight. You can enjoy faster charging to run all the things you want whether it’s for leisure or for critical commercial use.

    The Spectra PERC panels are perfect for battery charging at applications such as Motor homes & caravans, off-grid homes & cabins, sailboats, telecoms & security systems, street lighting & signage.

    *Please note the model variances:

    • 1. Entirely black cell structure includes 30W, 65W, 110W, 150W, 240W, 400W
    • 2. Silver/ grey cell structure includes 85W, 220W, 300W


    • Please observe the solar panel specifications. It is important to choose the correct solar controller for your requirements. Consider an MPPT controller for modules with high operating voltages.
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  • SpectraLite SemiFlex Solar Panels


    If you have a boat, RV, holiday home or even professional equipment that relies on battery power for lighting, computers or small appliances then you know how frustrating it can be to find discharged batteries.

    Spectra solar panels are ideal for maintaining and replacing natural discharge in 12V deep cycle batteries for leisure and light professional applications. Once installed, the solar panel works quietly and efficiently at recharging without any effort on your part. We guarantee that you will find our SpectraLite solar range a reliable and affordable choice.

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  • SunWare Solar Panels


    The solar panel of choice… and a must for long distance cruising!

    Imagine, every time you board your yacht, all the battery power is immediately available. Satellite navigation, computer, refrigerator, engine starting and all the on board comforts and safety features for a day cruise or trip on the high seas.

    SunWare Textile 

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  • SunWare Textile Solar Panels


    Here’s a clever way to use your canopy or sprayhood

    SunWare’s textile solar panels are quickly attached to a canopy to generate free electricity from the sun for battery charging. This is especially convenient when sailing as they can be temporarily fitted and removed.

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