Marlec win prestigious award at NBA

The Marlec team are extremely excited to share our success in winning The Pinnacle Award at the Northamptonshire Business Awards last month. In the renewable energy sector, recognition for outstanding achievements stands as a testament to dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment. This award has made our team extremely proud, it represents the culmination of relentless efforts, groundbreaking ideas, and a passionate team dedicated to pushing boundaries, whilst serving as an inspiration for future endeavours.

In the words of the host, The Pinnacle Award was described as,

“We were looking for a leading light in business: a person or business who inspires, a ‘disruptor’, an innovator, has shown exceptional growth, or ideally a combination of it all.

Key factors in the decision were a combination of turnover or turnover growth, the ability to provide opportunities for employment within the county, innovation, sustainability, ‘green credentials’ and marketability (how well the business presents itself, and its products/services).

That’s not to mean that ‘biggest is best’ in terms of any of the above criteria – it was equally about potential, but potential backed up with solid evidence.”

We are beyond grateful Marlec was chosen for this award, it would definitely not have been possible without our incredible team, it’s their dedication that has propelled us towards this remarkable milestone. In addition, our customers, partners, and supporters have been a huge part of this journey, trusting and believing in Marlec has enabled us to achieve this recognition. As we celebrate this momentous achievement, we express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported us!

Marlec win prestigious award at NBA

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