Expansion of VAT Relief on Energy-Saving Materials

The UK government has announced, following a consultation on the expansion of the VAT relief on energy-saving materials, that a reform will go ahead, and BESS will now be exempt from the 20% VAT charge. The exemption includes an extension to water-source heat pumps and diverters, such as the Solar iBoost+, technology that redirects excess power from solar or other renewables to a specific load or appliance. This is a huge step in the direction of a cleaner, greener future. These plans have been declared into force on February 1st, 2024.

Initially, the statement made in Spring 2022, domestic equipment such as heat pumps and roof mounted solar benefitted from the 20% VAT exemption, but it was limited to installations and other energy saving materials. The government acknowledge the positive response form the energy sector following this announcement, and therefore the initiative has been continued and expanded, to benefit more people.

Here are some words from Stuart James, the Sales director at Marlec, as he expresses his opinions on the recent announcement;

“As a pioneering renewable energy business and manufacturer, we absolutely welcome the Government’s decision on VAT for energy saving products.  Any measures that incentivises UK consumers to gain the benefit from renewables should be explored.  Domestic battery storage and solar diverters such as the Solar iBoost+ are simple to fit and provide the opportunity to become more energy self sufficient. 

The Solar iBoost+ has a variable cut-in threshold which allows for it to be installed alongside battery storage, therefore customers can use both technologies within their home.   We ask the Government to continue working with UK green technology companies to increase the uptake of domestic renewable energy products.”

We are very excited the Solar iBoost+ can now be installed with zero-rated VAT! It is our innovative and high-tech power diversion system, that enable you to consume excess energy your solar panels generate automatically. It is the UK’s best-selling PV immersion controller, preferred by most installers, and homeowners. The Solar iBoost+ will cut the cost of your water heating, reduce the use of your boiler, maximise the free solar energy generated at your property along with reducing your carbon footprint. Check out our Solar iBoost page here; https://www.marlec.co.uk/product/solar-iboost/

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Expansion of VAT Relief on Energy-Saving Materials

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