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summer sale

Marlec Summer Sale

Inverters & Solar Panel Deals – great for caravans & boats Keeping batteries topped up so you can have all the power you want for home comforts on the move can be a challenge but easy solved with a Marlec solar panel & inverter combination. Check out our list of deals on the ranges of… Continue Reading...

Remote Broadband Station

Wind Power in Remote Places

Are you noticing increasing numbers of small wind turbines and solar panels installed around you? Did you know that more equipment than ever before can be powered from renewable energy?  Marlec wind turbines and solar panels are now a common sight along the highways and railways of the UK, supplying power to a wide range… Continue Reading...

WMRA Logo-Master

Proud Members of Rail Alliance

Marlec Engineering are proud to announce they are now members of the Rail Alliance.  Since 2001 Marlec have been involved with many railside projects in the UK, supplying renewable energy products to power equipment from track lubrication to safety CCTV systems. The Rail Alliance aims to provide advice, tailored assistance and, most importantly, to identify and… Continue Reading...

Business times photo - Northamptonshire Business Times

A Boost For The Environment

Northamptonshire Business Times – July 2014 THE need to use renewable energy is ever-increasing and we witness more evidence of this in our everyday lives. From the giant wind turbines that have risen around Northamptonshire through to solar panels that are becoming an ever-more common sight on homes and office buildings. As well as the… Continue Reading...

Mitsubishi PHEV at Marlec

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV at Marlec

Since the installation of our electric car charging point at our office, we have been watching the rapid evolution in electric and hybrid vehicles with interest. Thanks to the guys at Corby Mitsubishi we had the opportunity to test drive their latest offering, the new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. The world’s first plug-in hybrid 4×4 has… Continue Reading...

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