UK’s Longest Established Renewable Company Joins DECODE CORBY To Help Decarbonise The Local manufacturing Industry

UK’s Longest Established Renewable Company Joins DECODE CORBY To Help Decarbonise The Local manufacturing Industry

UK’s longest-established renewable energy company joins DECODE CORBY to help decarbonise the local manufacturing industry.

Marlec Engineering, an award-winning renewable energy product manufacturer for over 45 years, provides clean energy solutions to power infrastructure that normally relies on grid-connected energy or fossil fuel generators, such as street lighting, signage, IOT, rail crossings and environmental monitoring. Marlec’s off-grid power systems are used worldwide by the railways, highways, telecoms, utilities, and leisure sectors. In 2024, they will be a part of the DECODE CORBY project that plans to decarbonise the local manufacturing industry in North Northamptonshire.

DECODE CORBY is a 12-month project led by Electic Places, in partnership with Tata Steel, North Northamptonshire Council, and other stakeholders, to develop and implement a decarbonisation plan for the local industries. Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, will fund the project and connect businesses to achieve the goal of helping industries and manufacturers reduce their emissions and avoid carbon leakage. By creating a peer-reviewed evidence base and sharing best practices and lessons learned, the project will have a national impact and contribute to the UK’s net-zero target.


What are the project objectives?

  1. Create a new organisational body fostering collaboration among key stakeholders, including manufacturers, low-carbon technology and platform developers, distribution network operators (DNOs), local communities and the local authority.
  2. Disseminate the evidence base we developed through our UK Community Renewal Fund supported project North Northamptonshire to Net Zero (NN2NZ) Project on current emissions in the local area.
  3. Gather existing decarbonisation plans, such as Tata’s extensive decarbonisation and scope 3 supply chain insetting programmes.
  4. Act as the coordinator and project manager for amalgamating existing plans, measuring their impact and reach for net zero.
  5. Leverage our digital twin to ‘optioneer’ different strategies and find best economic/environmental/social solutions, including overcoming grid constraints.
  6. Recommend and agree a credible strategic decarbonisation plan to close the net zero gap aligned to existing industrial members industries and their capabilities.
  7. Where there is a gap in capabilities, we will plan how to build the necessary skills ( to enable long-term implementation beyond the funding period.


How will Marlec Engineering help the project ?

Marlec is an example of how implementing the correct eco measures can dramatically reduce a business’s carbon footprint. Marlec will share its expertise and experience in providing renewable solutions to support the project partners in developing and implementing the decarbonisation plan.

How can Marlec help local businesses to reduce their carbon footprint ?

Marlec’s team of experts can advise how adding solar panels, battery storage, heat pumps and other carbon saving measures can help local businesses on the road to carbon neutrality and save on costs of energy at the same time, Contact [email protected] to arrange a free site survey.


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