Solar Mounting Kits


Caravan Mounting Systems

  • Marlec solar mounting kits are specifically designed to facilitate installation of single BP Solar framed modules.
  • Versatile and easy to install, allowing for either surface or pole mounting.
  • Manufactured from powder coated and plated steel giving protection against weathering.
  • The panels are mounted horizontally and allow for tilt angle adjustment for optimal solar panel performance
  • Stainless steel fasteners are provided for assembly and panel mounting
  • Order 2 x U-Bolts for pole fixing from the list below


Solar Panel corner fixing kit for caravan roof mounting

Use these strong moulded brackets to achieve a smart fixing for framed solar panels to coeach roofs. Use adhesive (not supplied) to fix each corner into place and screw through the bracket to the solar panel frame to secure the panel.No need to drill through the roof to fix the solar panel. UV resistant heavy duty material. Supplied as a packet of 4 brackets.

U-Bolt Specifications

U-Bolt Gauge Arc Diameter Part Number
M8 50 mm 808-017
M8 65 mm 808-027
M12 116 mm 812-006

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