PV Self Consumption with Solar iBoost+

Solar iBoost - PV Immersion Controller

The world’s best selling PV immersion controller

Discover how PV can give you Free Hot Water as well as cutting your electricity bills.

As a solar installer I have installed many iBoosts. I find that they are easy to install, smart looking, easy to use, and very efficient. The iBoost always saves my customers a significant money off their gas/oil fuel bills and I recommend it wherever appropriate. – Andy Green – Installer of Solar iBoost

I’ve had a Marlec system fitted for a year. I’m extremely pleased with its performance. We have a big 300ltr tank and we export a lot from an unshaded 4kWp south facing system. From March through to Sept we’ve only needed to turn on gas boiler three times. And this with normal family usage. – Ron Donnelly – Owner of Solar iBoost 

Why Choose Solar iBoost+?

Cut the cost of water heating and reduce your boiler useage in your home.

Maximise the use of free solar energy generated at your property.

Optional Buddy for remote controlling the iBoost+ from anywhere in your home.

An innovative product from the UK’s longest-established renewable energy company.

How It Works

The Sender and Clamp measures and sends the export readings wirelessly to the Solar iBoost+

Solar iBoost Sender and clamp

When the excess is detected, the Solar iBoost+ intelligently controls the energy flow to the immersion in line with export levels only.

Water is heated over the day using the free solar energy at your home.


Wireless Data

The wireless feature as standard between the clamp and Solar iBoost+ makes installation quick and eliminates the need for messy wiring in the home.

Dual Immersion Systems

The Solar iBoost+ automatically heats up to 2 immersions.

The energy cascades to the second immersion when the first immersion reaches the pre-set temperature.

MegaFlow PV-ready cylinder with fitted Solar iBoost+ featured


Monitor your saving of kW hours on the digital display.  At the press of a button, you can check Saved Today, Saved Yesterday, Saved Last 7 Days, Saved Last 28 Days and Total Amount Saved.

This is also displayed on the optional iBoost+ Buddy.

Manual Boost and Programmable Timer

Stay in control of your immersion with the built-in Boost button for an instant ‘Boost’ of hot water. The programmable timer saves separate winter & summer settings for ease of operation.

Whats Included

Solar iBoost - PV Immersion Diverter

Solar iBoost+ & Fixing Screws

Sender Unit

Clamp & Cable

2x AA Batteries

Optional Buddy to allow remote monitoring and operation to your Solar iBoost+ anywhere in your home

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