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Here at Marlec are pleased to introduce a new range of semi-flexible solar panels direct from the leading manufacturer SunPower.  They are lightweight and easy to install especially  on board sailing yachts and camper vans. SunPower’s world beating back contact Maxeon solar cells deliver up to 25% efficiency, that means more power from less panel so these are a great space saving solar panel on board yachts.


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Why SunPower?

Unparalleled Efficiency

SunPower panels make your limited deck and rooftop space count by using their prime cells, the highest efficiency silicon cells on the market.

  • 22–25% efficiency levels mean higher power production than standard silicon panels of the same area.
  • SunPower panels are shade resistant as each cell operates independently.
  • SunPower cells perform better than standard silicon cells in extremes of temperature and deliver excellent low light level performance
  • Re-charging times are faster with SunPower panels as energy conversion levels are higher so you can depend on quicker battery replenishment whilst enjoying your leisure time.
  • Flexible panel surface means that contours can be followed to help you maximize space on board

High Quality

Only SunPower branded flexible panels are built in the same factories as SunPower industry-leading residential solar panels.

  • The SunPower Maxeon Solar Cell is the only solar cell built on a copper foundation. This makes these back contact cells resistant to cracking and corrosion when flexed or exposed to a moist environment unlike conventional cells which can fail or lose power.
  • The substrate is constructed of high grade lightweight polymer materials designed to withstand high UV exposure.
  • Stainless steel grommets and industry standard electrical connectors.
  • Highly automated production ensures consistent quality.
  • Reliable Manufacturer’s warranty backed by Total the world’s 4th largest energy company.

The Marlec Assurance

  • Marlec is the SunPower appointed UK Distributor
  • We are proud to include SunPower in our portfolio of our own and other trusted brands of wind and solar energy products.
  • We are the UK’s longest established renewable energy company, founded in 1978. Contact our expert sales team at www.marlec.co.uk

SunPower Maxeon Cell

SunPower Cell
  • Copper foundation is nearly impervious to heat and humidity
  • Durable cell design flexes in fluctuating temperatures
  •  Unique cell architecture performs better than conventional silicon in cloudy weather and partial shade
  • Converts sunlight earlier and lasting later in the day than conventional panels


SunPower Panel Specification

PV Module Type SunPower 50W SunPower 100W SunPower 110W SunPower 170W
Part Number CA-10/420 CA-10/421 CA-10/422 CA-10/424
Nominal Power(Pnom) 50W 100W 110W 170W
Suitable Regulator Type PWM or MPPT PWM or MPPT PWM or MPPT MPPT Only
Power Tolerance +/-5% +6/-3% +6/-3% +/-3%
Rated Voltage(Vmpp) 17.7 V 18.8 V 17.1 V 29.4 V
Rated Current (Impp) 2.8A 5.9A 5.9A 5.84 A
Open-Circuit Voltage 21.5V 21.4V 22.8V 34.6 V
Short-Circuit Current (Isc) 3.1 A 6.3 A 6.3 A 6.15 A
Solar Cells & Efficiency Prime Monocrystalline 23% Prime Monocrystalline 25% and 23% Prime Monocrystalline 25% and 23% Prime Monocrystalline 25%
Power Temp Coefficient -0.35%/º C -0.35%/º C -0.30%/º C -0.30%/º C
Voltage Temp Coefficient -58.9 mV/º C -58.9 mV/º C -55.8 mV/º C -83.7 mV/º C
Current Temp Coefficient 2.6 mA/º C 2.6 mA/º C 3.5 mA/º C 3.5 mA/º C
Dimensions & Weight 653x556x3.2(mm) 1.1(kg) 1150x556x3.2(mm) 2.2(kg) 1150x556x3.2(mm) 2.2(kg) 1153x810x2.0(mm) 2.9(kg)

Further Specification for all products

Suitable for 12V & 24V Battery Charging
Junction Box TE 1-21-2152049-1 with by-pass diode
Connectors & Cables* Tyco (PV4-S) on 4mm², 450mm long cable (MC4 Compatable)
Grommets Grade 316 Stainless Steel
Operating Temp Range -40º C to + 85º C
Max. System Voltage 45V
Series Fuse Rating 15 A
*Mating connectors & cables are available in 5m & 10m from Marlec
Warranty: 5 Year Power and 2 Year Product. No salt water exclusion

Getting Up and Running

Each panel is supplied with out put cables and waterproof connectors that simply click to mating connectors. Sets of cables are available to order in 5m and 10m lengths.

An in-line diode for the + connector is available for use in multiple panel connections. Panels can be connected in parallel or series as shown in the relevant diagram on the support page.

Caution: Ensure maximum input voltage level of the regulator selected is observed to avoid damage to regulators. It is not recommended to connect panels in series (to increase voltage) when charging 12V batteries.


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