About The Solar iBoost+ Sender


Simple Wireless Connection…

The Sender is attached to a clamp which is placed around the household electrical live input.  Rather cleverly it both detects when energy is flowing to the grid and monitors the levels of that export. The Sender transmits this information wirelessly to the Solar iBoost+’s built in receiver where the information is processed and water heating is activated and controlled.

Part No: SiB+_SENDER

Solar iBoost’s Sender and Clamp design make fitting and using Solar iBoost+ simple and satisfying.


  • The single clamp is innovative as it measures both energy flow and value where many other systems employ 2 clamps to calculate export levels.
  • The clamp is simply fastened around the correct cable and so is considerably less complicated than systems where wired connections to the household meter or consumer unit are necessary. We keep it simple and it saves time too.


  • Conveniently the Sender is battery operated as standard so you don’t need to find a socket nearby. This means that it can easily be located next to the household meter.
  • For those customers who prefer amains powered Sender an adaptor is available from your installer or to order on this site.

Mains Power

  • The new sender design which incorporates a socket for grid connection is also compatible with the Solar iBoost original.


  • The Wireless Sender has a good range for households allowing for up to 30m distance to the Solar iBoost+ controller including some walls. (Its line of sight range is 500m) This is more than adequate for most homes but an extension is available from your installer or to order on this site.

Low Battery Alert

  • You get a double warning on the Solar iBoost Controller when the batteries are getting low, so don’t worry that you’ll miss out on making those savings. The red warning triangle illuminates and the message Sender Battery Low also appears on the screen. Typically 3-4 weeks of battery life will remain when the message first appears.

Monitor it Remotely

  • Choose the iBoost+ Buddy and you can see the sender’s battery condition continuously displayed. The remote image of the Solar iBoost+ screen displays Sender Battery Low as it occurs.