In Conversation with Stuart James - Sales Director

Sustainability in the Rail Sector Stuart is the Sales Director at Marlec Renewable Power. He has a wealth of experience in off- and on-grid power generation, concentrating on PV and micro wind power. His role enables him to work closely with small and large-scale renewable installers and contractors to provide complete, turnkey power solutions bespoke for customers’ requirements.… Continue Reading...

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Marlec Banner featuring an image of a solar/ wind hybrid energy system and a team member working on some turbine blades.

Being Eco-Cool: 10 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat Sustainably

Beating the Heat, Not the Planet Keeping cool is essential for our comfort and well-being during summer as the temperatures rise. However, finding eco-friendly ways to beat the heat and minimise our environmental impact is crucial. This blog will explore innovative and sustainable strategies to stay cool while reducing energy consumption and embracing a more… Continue Reading...

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Winners of the SME Sustainability Silver Award

Another award in the bag! We’re honoured to add the SME Northamptonshire Sustainability Award in silver to our portfolio. The SME National Business Awards are made up of 20 categories that allow any successful business in the UK to enter these prestigious awards. Up to 4 national panel judges judge all entries. Here are a… Continue Reading...

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Space Centre Sign in the day

Solar Signage at the National Space Centre with Marlec

The National Space Centre is a visitor attraction in Leicester dedicated to sharing educational resources and information about all space or astronomy-related topics. They focus on all things off-world, but those at the National Space Centre are focused on sustainability while on the ground. Implementing Solar Signage outside the main building offered a solution to… Continue Reading...

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rural solar array on field

On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar-Powered Systems

Exploring the Variances In the realm of renewable energy, solar power has emerged as a leading solution for sustainable electricity generation. Two prominent approaches to harnessing solar energy are on-grid and off-grid solar systems. While both methods rely on solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, they differ in functionality, applications, and benefits. This article… Continue Reading...

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Solar panel array representing the renewable energy sector and Marlec logo

Innovation in the Face of Adversity

Three Challenges in the Renewable Energy Sector As the world grapples with the effects of climate change and the need for sustainable energy sources becomes more pressing, renewable energy has emerged as a critical solution, birthing the renewable energy sector. However renewable energy offers numerous benefits, from lower greenhouse gas emissions to reduced dependence on… Continue Reading...

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Image of lighting systems in a car park powered by wind and solar

The Advantages of Green Lighting Solutions

Off-Grid, but On-Topic: 5 Advantages of Green Lighting Solutions In recent years, sustainability-powered lighting systems have become increasingly popular, particularly in outdoor areas such as parks, car parks, and camping sites. The reason for this is apparent – there are many advantages to using solar and wind energy in lighting systems over traditional lighting options.  … Continue Reading...

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small sailboat on open water

The True Spirit of the Rutland Windcharger

At the daring age of 16, Jessica Watson decided she would travel the world. Her journey to get there would become a story now being heard worldwide. With the Netflix debut of True Spirit, we’re excited to share our honour of being involved in such a tale.   Jessica’s dream is, and was, unique. This… Continue Reading...

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100,000th Solar iBoost+

The 100,000th Solar iBoost+ has left the factory! The Solar iBoost original was released back in 2013 as an innovative PV accessory which enabled homeowners to divert the excess energy generated from their PV array to the hot water tank, giving them free hot water. Since then the Solar iBoost has seen upgrades that accommodate… Continue Reading...

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Planet Saver Green Business of The Year Award

As part of the British Chambers of Commerce’s annual Chamber Business Awards 2022, we have won the National Planet Saver Award! The awards, now in its 19th year, is one of the showpieces of the business calendar, highlighting the role of firms in delivering growth and prosperity for the UK and local communities. The Planet… Continue Reading...

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