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Wind Power

Rutland Windchargers

Over the last 30 years thousands of customers have installed thousands of our wind turbines to provide a reliable way of charging batteries at remote and difficult to access sites.  Many of these have been critical operations for telecommunications, scientific data collection and more recently for broadband connections.Rutland Windcharger Logo

Marine Windchargers

Install a Rutland Windcharger and experience the convenience of fully charged batteries. Power that is readily available for lights, navigation equipment, laptops and other electrical appliances. Free and renewable energy from the gentlest breeze can be combined with solar panels for a balanced year round power supply.

Land based Windchargers

When you need power at a remote site the Furlmatic model Windchargers provide a reliable and cost effective solution. Power generated can be used for off grid homes, remote telecommunications, monitoring, electric fences etc avoiding the costly and inconvenient installation of grid power. The Furlmatic Windchargers protect themselves by reducing the rotational speed of the turbine in extremely high winds in a design that continues to stand the test of time. For temporary installations land installations the smaller wind turbines can be used to keep batteries topped up.

Wind Power for Boats

Wind Power for Boats

  • Blue Water Cruising
  • Short Cruises
  • Narrow Boats

Wind Power for Caravans

Wind Power for Caravans

  • Touring Caravans
  • Motorhomes
  • Static Caravans
 Remote Broadband Station

Wind Power for Remote Locations

  • Developing Countries
  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Professional


Why is the Rutland so Unique?

  • Purpose designed turbine – Marlec was the first wind generator manufacturer to design it's aerofoil blades and generator specifically as a wind turbine to maximise power conversion.
  • Low wind speed start up – We developed our stator windings without an iron core for low friction so a Rutland offers the lowest wind speed start up by far of any design.
  • Reliable Components – We encapsulate the stator coils in glass fibre to avoid common stator failures
  • Simple, effective design – We have a fixed the shaft reducing the number of rotating parts and the need for generator brushes. We use two single magnets moulded into glass fibre avoiding the use of multiple magnets glued into position.
  • 360 degree free rotation – Built-in slipring & low wear brushes give the unit complete 360º free rotation on the mounting pole for power transmission whilst avoiding twisted cables.
  • Quiet, smooth and continous power generation – These features create a high inertia generator whose flywheel effect generates smooth, continuous power between gusts when other wind turbines have lost the power in the wind and stall between gusts.
  • More Power from less turbine – Our flywheel effect effortlessly rides the gusts of wind to capture more energy
  • Tested in real wind conditions – All our designs are tested in real wind conditions and performance monitored and datalogged pre and post market release. (Many companies quote outputs based on fixed wind speeds measured from vehicle top testing)
  • Quality Controlled – We test and record results of every generator built

and last but not least… Marlec operates under the international standard of ISO9001, the first small wind turbine manufacturer worldwide to achieve this!

To sum it up:

  • We keep it simple so it's reliable
  • We use durable materials so it lasts
  • We innovate to deliver the best efficiency possible