Wind Power

Install a Rutland Windcharger and experience the convenience of fully charged batteries.

Power for marine and land based applications whether you’re on the move or at a permanent location Rutland Windchargers deliver power from the gentlest of breezes. Read our Not all Wind Turbines are Created Equal to understand why Rutland is so good at converting the power of the wind into power for you!

Windchargers with Solar Panels

You can combine windchargers with solar panels from our range of SunWare, Ameresco, Alpex and Spectra brands for balanced year round off grid power supply.

Join the tens of thousands of Rutland Windcharger users worldwide and generate your own free source of electricity today!

Rutland Windchargers

A completely unique mini windcharger designed with the weekend yachtsman in mind

  • Pleasure Boats
  • Caravans and Camper-vans
  • Educational Kits (PowerEd)

All the benefits of the 504 with an additional electronic brake for adverse wind conditions

  • Caravans and Motor-homes
  • Remote Locations
  • Professional Applications

Delivers 30% more power than the 913

  • Live aboard Cruisers.
  • Coastal sailing yachts.
  • Inland and narrow boats.

Marlec’s highly successful land based windcharger

  • Low Energy at Isolated Sites
  • Off-Grid Street Lighting
  • Static Caravans and Remote Homes

Another product technological advancement engineered by Marlec

  • Agriculture and pumping
  • Energy for off-grid homes
  • Telecom sites
  • Security camera systems

For installation on board or on land

A charge controller / regulator fitted to your system will ensure that it operates automatically and protects batteries from over voltage

Bits and bobs to help you complete your system install