Wind and Solar Solutions for Land Applications

Welcome to the UK’s longest established renewable energy company. We are ready to share our wealth of experience in wind and solar energy to guide you to the best land based energy solution for your needs.

I thought you’d like to know that the one I bought is feeding a weather station on top of a mountain and subject to some of the harshest weather conditions conceivable. The North Atlantic air is very salty and the wind speeds often excees 80 m/s. I am told it performs perfectly and that they are very happy with it. T Bechmann – Owner of a Rutland 910-4 land system

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Benefits of wind power

  • Our turbines use the natural and free power in the wind
  • Power can be generated day and night, all year round
  • The Rutland Windcharger is proven in worldwide applications, we manufacture the range in the UK and have sold over 100,000 turbines over the last 40 years

Choose from our range of high quality solar panels…

Benefits of solar power

  • Uses daylight and sunshine to generate energy for free
  • Whatever the application there’s a variety of solar panel types to suit, ie non-glass panels to fit flush to cabinets or glass framed panels to install high up on a pole
  • Our experience in off grid solar energy is unrivalled in the UK, we introduced solar PV to our customers in the mid 1980’s

Or combine our technologies for year round energy reliability

Benefits of wind & solar

  • Our windchargers are renowned for their quiet operation, providing the perfect partner for solar panels
  • Once installed there are no energy costs unlike grid power
  • Don’t miss a Watt with this 24 hour charging capability
  • Our hybrid solutions avoid over specification of one technology by delivering a seasonal balance of power generation
  • Our systems perform reliably to deliver your energy needs year round
  • Hybrid generation gives you the reassurance of power being available for your equipment

Rutland Land Windchargers


Experience the Rutland 1200 Windcharger’s  powerful new Tri-namic profile blades making it the ideal companion for generating energy on board.

  • 12V or 24V Windcharger
  • 2.5m/s Cut in Speed
  • 1220mm Turbine Diamiter
  • 620mm Turbine Radius
  • Net Weight of 7.8kg


The Rutland FM910-4 Furlmatic is without doubt the engineer’s choice of micro wind turbine for battery charging at off grid locations becuase their reliability in the toughest weather conditions is so well proven.

  • 12V or 24V Windcharger
  • 3m/s Cut in Speed
  • 910mm Turbine Diamiter
  • 794mm Turbine Radius
  • Net Weight of 13.1 kg


The Rutland FM1803-2 Furlmatic Windcharger makes generating power at remote sites possible and at an affordable cost too. With a proven track record behind it you can rely on it.

  • 12v or 24V Windcharger
  • 3 m/s Cut in Speed
  • 1800mm Turbine Diamiter
  • 1145mm Turbine radius
  • Net Weight of 29.2kg

Solar panels for land applications


An excellent value range suitable for a variety of solar charging needs from professional to leisure.

  • Range of 10-200W power ratings available
  • Silver anodised aluminium frame
  • Highly light transmissive toughened glass
  • Junction box for wiring


Industry leading build quality manufactured to standards suitable for industrial and oil and gas applications.

  • Range of 10-140W power ratings
  • Heavy duty 50mm deep frame withstands high wind loads
  • Silver anodised aluminium frame
  • Highly light transmissive toughened glass
  • Large terminal junction box for hard wiring

Semi-flexible solar panels for land applications


An excellent quality range designed for tough applications including marine that need a very low profile and/or semi-flexible finish to the installation

  • 20-100W Power Rating
  • marine grade stainless steel substrate
  • Teflon coated surface withstands being walked on
  • Non-glass surface is more resilient to vandals & damage
  • 3m Seawater sealed output cable
  • Blocking diode included


SunWare’s rugged solar panels in a foldable format for fast and easy deployment and transport, ideal for expeditions, military and other portable applications

  • 38-200W Power sizes available
  • Marine grade fabric with built in Tenax washers on edge
  • Tenax fasteners supplied
  • 10m of UV resistant output cable
  • Blocking diode included
  • Models that fold are supplied with a convenient carry bag.


An ultra light weight semi-flexible solar panel range for surface mounting on board and in light duty land applications

  • 5-50W Power Rating
  • Shade resistant feature
  • Surface withstands being walked on
  • Non-glass surface is more resilient to vandals & damage
  • 3m output cable
  • Blocking diode included

Great reasons to choose a Marlec hybrid wind & solar solution

  • Our systems enable the installation of electrically powered devices at inaccessible sites otherwise deemed not cost effective
  • The time and planning required to install our turbines and solar systems is very short
  • The cost of our wind and solar equipment and installation is usually considerably less than bringing grid power, often even when a supply is close
  • Installation of our turbines creates very little disruption as ground works are minimal and quick to effect especially compared with a grid connection

Examples of Marlec hybrid energy systems

  • Highways and local authorities can extend street lighting to remote areas without the need for expensive grid connections using the Marlec Green Column
  • Safety signs on road and rail can be swiftly installed at considerably lower costs than grid powered equipment and will help reduce accidents
  • Projects for isolated communications and broadband networks can be more readily expanded with our renewable energy engineered systems
  • Cameras as well as seismic, water and weather monitoring equipment can all be reliably powered to improve the services of infrastructure organisations