About The Solar iBoost+ Controller

This is the heart of our innovative and high tech power diversion system.

Solar iBoost+ modulates grid power to the immersion heater down to the same levels of those being exported, enabling you to automatically capture more of the PV or wind turbine energy generated to heat hot water for free.

Easily Integrated to an Existing Immersion System

Where a fused spur exists to switch an immersion this becomes the supply to the Solar iBoost+ or your installer will fit the required local isolator.  The Solar iBoost+ is now used to control the immersion both automatically from the excess PV energy and manually.

The system operates by responding rapidly to the levels of import and export at the property according to the variable parameters of changing weather, energy consumption and generation.  These are constantly changing and the electronic controller is able to process the information to ensure that only excess power is delivered for water heating.

Install at the Tank

Solar iBoost+ controller fits quickly and neatly next to your hot water storage tank.  In the UK that’s typically the airing cupboard

The Immersion

Unlike other devices in the home the immersion is able to accept varying levels of power between 100W and 3kW to heat water without any detriment to it. It proportionately heats up according to the power delivered to it.

Temperature Control

Solar iBoost+ delivers free hot water until the tank temperature is reached. There’s no need to change the immersion as long as it’s rated up to 3kW and has a built in thermostat, this switches the Solar iBoost+ off automatically.

Dual Immersion Systems

The Solar iBoost+ automatically heats up to 2 immersions.

When the first immersion reaches the pre-set temperature the energy cascades to the 2nd immersion.  The system prioritises immersion 1 by checking back to it at 15 minute intervals.

Use the Solar iBoost+ built in timer to replace any overnight economy energy water heating.

Flexible to Use

We understand that the variable nature of generating your own renewable energy means that you want to both top up and plan when you have hot water. With Solar iBoost+ you have complete control.

The Boost button switches grid power immersion when hot water is needed at short notice, it effectively replaces the switch and gives greater control. Each press of the button increases the time on by 15 minute increments up to 2 hours. Also switchable from iBoost+ Buddy

The built in programmable timer enables 2 switches on per day for weekdays/ weekend and you can set up separate winter and summer settings selectable at the press of a button.  Also switchable from iBoost+ Buddy.