About The Galix Solar Panels


Marlec is pleased to announce a new range of high efficiency framed solar panels from Galix Solar.  These new “Back-Contact” solar panels don’t just look smart, their electrical interconnections are positioned at the rear of the solar cells so the surface area exposed to the light is maximised,  generating more energy for the size of solar panel installed.  The range consists of a 75W, 100W and 150W 12V panels.

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About Galix Solar Panels?

The Galix’s rigid aluminium frame and sleek black unique cells allow the panels to stand out from others in the market, with its unique cell design and durable build it allows the Galix panel to be effective in any application whether its an On-Grid or Off-Grid system.

The Galix range all have identical frame lengths making it easy to combine panel sizes to accommodate the space available.

Why Choose Galix?

PERC (Passivated Emiter Rear Cell) Technology.

Shingled Cell Module Design.

High light absorbency especially in low light.

Highly reliable internal electrical connections.

Reduced ohmic resistance.

No reflective metal lines on the cells.

Increased efficiency.

By-pass diode configuration to avoid ‘hot spots’ occurring in partial shade.

2°C lower operation temperature resulting in longer panel life and better power yield.

Identical frame lengths for combining different ratings to accommodate available space.

The Galix Unique Cell Design

Unlike conventional panels the Galix range uses intelligent PERC (Passivated Emiter Rear Cell) technology and has a Shingled Cell Module Design to achieve 15% higher energy efficiency.

PERC (Passivated Emiter Rear Cell) Technology allows the cell to absorb more light than coventional cells and improves module performance under low light conditions.

Shingled Cell Module Design is the way the sliced cells of the panel are connected. The Galix range use conductive glue to connect each each slices of cell. The two bypass diodes on both sides of the module and the cell connection being in both parralle and in serial limit the Hot Spot risks under partially shield exposure conditions .


Model Type Galix 75W Galix 100W Galix 150W
Marlec Part Number CA-10/75 CA-10/76 CA-10/77
Peak Power  75W 100W 150W
Module efficiency 17.96% 18.30% 18.50%
Cell Type Monocristalline
Number of Cells 102 (34 x 3) 136 (34 x 4) 204 (34 x 6)
Weight 4kg 5.8kg 9.2kg
Dimensions  1031 x 405 x 35mm 1031 x 530 x 35mm 1031 x 785 x 35mm
Frame Black Anodised Aluminium
Junction Box IP67
Cables 2 x 4.0 mm2 cable length: 1000 mm
Connectors MC4 compatible
Warranties 2 years product warranty, 10 years limited power warranty of 90% of the minimum specified power rating


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