About The Bundle Option 4 914i 12V with HRDi


Part No: BUND4

Rutland 914i Windcharger

The Rutland 914i punches well above its size for power, rivalling the claimed outputs of larger turbines owing to it's built-in MPPT technology. This continuously matches the turbine speed and generator to their optimum performance to deliver more ampere hours into your battery ......and a by-product of this optimised efficiency is a virtually silent wind turbine!

12V Rutland 914i Windcharger

HRDi Charge Controller

The HRDi Charge Controller is the latest wind and solar regulator from Marlec. The HRDi has evolved from and improved on the successful HRDX controller. It provides Charge Control and Power Splitting for off-grid system with two independent batteries, such as the cranking battery and leisure battery on a boat. The contemporary design meets the needs of increasing power demands and features a useful digital display that shows the amount of generated free power, along with the battery state of charge. It is designed for use with the Rutland 504, 914i or FM910-4 Windchargers and up to 160W of solar panels.

HRDi Controller 12/24V

Wind Power Mounting Kits

Marine Mounting Pole Kit (913/914)

Wind Power Mounting Kits

Stay Kit Marine Mounting Kit (504/914)


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