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Iso Solar, a division of Marlec Engineering Co, is a solar PV design and installation company with over ten years of experience providing energy solutions to Commercial buildings, large country properties, listed buildings and residential properties, churches, libraries and other public buildings. Originally part of IsoEnergy, they have evolved and established themselves as their own identity in the renewable energy sector. After significant growth over the past 12 months, Iso Solar is transitioning from Horley to Corby, creating a central hub and allowing them to have wider service coverage of the UK. This strategic move underscores their commitment to delivering high-quality solar PV systems to a wider clientele.

Solar and Battery Install Specialists

Iso Solar stands out in the solar industry by offering comprehensive solar installation services catering to land-mounted and rooftop systems. Their dedicated team manages every aspect of the project, from the initial design phase to the final commissioning. Iso Solar ensures a seamless integration process tailored to each site’s unique requirements. Focusing on quality and efficiency, thier end-to-end service guarantees that your transition to solar energy is smooth, reliable, and built to last. Whether it’s maximising land usage for ground-mounted arrays or optimising rooftop installations, Iso Solar’s expertise is unmatched, providing you with a sustainable energy solution that’s both eco-friendly and designed to provide reliable power generation.

Typical Applications

  • Stately Homes/ Country Houses
  • Large Domestic Properties
  • Industrial units/ Warehouses
  • Public Buildings
  • Agriculture Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Schools and Colleges

Solar PV Services We Provide?

Ground Mount Solar 

Ground-mounted solar panels are an excellent choice for harnessing solar energy when you have an abundance of land space available. Unlike rooftop installations, these panels are fixed into the ground. They are commonly mounted on metal frames positioned optimally for maximum generation. Some ground-mounted systems can come with solar tracking systems to optimise sun exposure further.

Ground mounts provide the flexibility to construct a larger solar system compared to rooftops and if there’s a need for more energy, the array can be easily expanded by adding more panels. Ground mount solar also overcomes the limitations associated with rooftop systems, such as roof pitch, shading, or aesthetics.

Rooftop Solar

Rooftop solar panels are a popular choice for residential and commercial buildings due to their convenience and use of otherwise unused space. They are installed on the roof, which often already has the ideal south-facing orientation for solar energy production. Rooftop installations are typically quicker and easier to install than ground-mounted systems and can be more discreet as they blend into the building’s existing structure. Additionally, rooftop solar panels can provide a cooling effect for the building by absorbing sunlight that would otherwise heat the roof directly. While they may be subject to constraints such as roof pitch, shading, or aesthetic considerations, rooftop solar panels efficiently use space and can be cost-effective for property owners looking to harness solar energy.

Battery Storage

Battery storage installations are a versatile solution that can be integrated into new solar panel systems or retrofitted onto existing ones, whether they are ground-mounted or rooftop. Isosolar offers the flexibility to include battery storage as part of a comprehensive solar system package or as an addition to your current setup. This allows for greater energy independence by storing excess power for use during low sunlight periods, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your solar energy system. Whether you’re looking to install a new system or upgrade an existing one, Isosolar can tailor the battery storage to meet your specific energy needs.

Why Have Solar Installed On Your Property?

Solar Photovoltaic systems capture the energy of the Sun using PV cells to convert sunlight into electricity. To do this, they have to be mounted facing the sun’s path. Typically, this is on a roof, but it can also be ground mounted..

The PV panels produce Direct Current (DC) electricity, fed directly from the panels to an inverter. The inverter converts the DC current to Alternating Current (AC). This current is used by appliances and lighting for all the property’s needs. When you are using electricity in the house (watching TV, for example), it will flow directly into appliances, which can be topped up by additional electricity from the national grid. If you are not using the electricity, then it can flow into the national grid, so someone else can use it.

Things To Consider

Planning permission
In many areas, roof-mounted PV systems are permitted development and do not need specific planning permission. However, if you reside in a conservation area or a listed property, this may not be the case. A ground-mounted PV system, detached from the house, will almost certainly need planning permission. With an Iso Solar PV system, you can rest assured that we handle the planning permission process for you, ensuring a hassle-free installation.

Available electrical supply
The electrical regulations mean that small PV systems up to 4kW on a single phase or 10kW on a three-phase supply are regulated with a light touch and do not need prior approval from the electricity network operator. Systems larger than this will require approval before any work starts. Approval cannot be guaranteed, and upgrading the network to allow a system of the size requested may cost money. Larger systems will likely only be permitted where there is a three-phase supply. Our designers and engineers will inspect the site and advise the best way forward based on your requirements.

Structural considerations
It is crucial to ensure that any roof used for mounting solar panels can take the additional weight and potential wind loads that the panels will cause. In some cases, this may require an assessment from one of our structural engineers. This step is not just a matter of structural integrity but a necessary precaution to ensure the safety and longevity of your solar panel installation.

Battery storage
If the property’s electricity usage is low during the day when the panels are generating the most, a battery storage system can be installed to store the energy for use in the evening. We can build battery storage into your solar PV system, enabling you to maximise the benefits of your solar system.

Incentives from the Government

The Government’s Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs) scheme, which enabled homeowners to get paid for generating electricity via solar panels, closed to new applicants in March 2019. However, this has since been replaced by the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme, which obliges electricity suppliers with at least 150,000 customers to offer payment for any electricity generated by a solar PV system and export it to the grid.

The exact value of the payment varies depending on the supplier. However, it is normally less than the cost of importing electricity from the grid, which is why, in order to make the most of a solar PV system, you want to try to use as much of the electricity onsite as possible. In order to be eligible for the SEG, the system has to be installed by an MCS-accredited installer such as Iso Solar.

Meet The Team

Justin Canning,

General Manager.

Stephen Nattrass,

Solar PV Sales Consultant.

Nicola Malcomson,

Office Administrator.

Johnathan Thoirs,

Technical Manager.

Mark Bowyer,

Project Manager.

About Us

Now operating under the leadership of Marlec, a pioneer with over 45 years of expertise in renewable energy manufacturing and fellow ComPro Renewables Group Member, Iso Solar is poised to leverage this wealth of experience. Their partnership demonstrates both company’s commitment to providing innovation, quality, and reliability, ensuring that customers receive the best service available.

Iso Solar offer design, installation and maintenance for new installations and retrofits. Whether you’re looking to harness solar energy for the first time or upgrade your current system, Iso Solar’s expertise promises a sustainable and efficient solar installation and aftercare experience.

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