Wind Power for Boats

Wind Power

Thinking of Wind Power for your Boat?

If so take a look at the many benefits of fitting a Rutland wind turbine on board.

Our world leading range of Rutland Windchargers will save you money, here’s how:

  • Running costs will be cut as you won’t need to run the engine as often.
  • Fuel consumption will fall and engine running time will be reduced.
  • No more need for expensive mains hook ups on your travels.
  • Well charged and cycled batteries will last you many more years.

…you will enjoy greater freedom to use onboard appliances knowing your batteries are getting topped up.

Rutland Windcharger systems can give you complete energy independence on board, with their reputation for excellent low wind speed performance the gentlest of breezes will keep your batteries topped up.

Wind & Solar Energy are free and abundant sources of energy so once fitted you can let nature do the work while you enjoy the sailing!

Our expertise in marine micro wind turbines is second to none…

  • Over 100,000 of our turbines sold worldwide, mostly to sailboat owners
  • Over 35 years of developing and manufacturing the Rutlands in the UK
  • We have led the field in voltage regulator technology with products that combine wind and solar charging, do multi-stage charging and reduce running time of the turbine when the batteries are full.
  • Over 25 years experience of solar panel applications too and usually recommend a hybrid wind/solar charging system for long distance cruising

Which Rutland is Right for Me?

A typical best fit windcharger is:

Rutland 504

Coastal cruisers of 7-10m with batteries up to 150Ah

Rutland 914i

Coastal and long distance cruising yachts of 10m and over with batteries 150-500Ah

Rutland 1200

Coastal and long distance cruising yachts of 10m and over with batteries 200-1000Ah

Mounting kits, Voltage Regulators, Solar Panels and other accessories are available to fit seamlessly with each Rutland and are designed for ease of installation on board.

Call the Marlec team to discuss your application today on +44 (0)1536 201588, email us at or why not skype us at: marlecengineering

Why is the Rutland so Unique?

Purpose designed turbine

  • Marlec was the first wind generator manufacturer to design it’s aerofoil blades and generator specifically as a wind turbine to maximise power conversion.

Low wind speed start up

  • We developed our stator windings without an iron core for low friction so a Rutland offers the lowest wind speed start up by far of any design.
  • Reliable Components – We encapsulate the stator coils in glass fibre to avoid common stator failures

Simple, effective design

  • We have a fixed the shaft reducing the number of rotating parts and the need for generator brushes. We use two single magnets moulded into glass fibre avoiding the use of multiple magnets glued into position.

360 degree free rotation

  • Built-in slipring & low wear brushes give the unit complete 360º free rotation on the mounting pole for power transmission whilst avoiding twisted cables.

Quiet, smooth and continous power generation

  • These features create a high inertia generator whose flywheel effect generates smooth, continuous power between gusts when other wind turbines have lost the power in the wind and stall between gusts.

More Power from less turbine

  • Our flywheel effect effortlessly rides the gusts of wind to capture more energy

Tested in real wind conditions

  • All our designs are tested in real wind conditions and performance monitored and datalogged pre and post market release. (Many companies quote outputs based on fixed wind speeds measured from vehicle top testing)

Quality Controlled

  • We test and record results of every generator built