Troubleshoot My Solar iBoost

Understanding the fault message

The Solar iBoost internal diagnostics notify if any fault arises, when detected the red warning triangle on the unit is illuminated with one of these messages:

Sender Battery Low

Replace batteries at earliest opportunity. Do not use rechargeable batteries.

Lost Signal to Sender

The unit is no longer receiving messages from the sender unit. Possible causes:

  1. Batteries may be exhausted.
  2. Solar iBoost+ is positioned too far or too near to the sender.
  3. Sender unit pairing button may have been pressed inadvertently outside of the pairing process (see Pairing the Sender on page 16 of the user manual).

Unit Cooling

The Solar iBoost is now in a cooling mode – check that the Solar iBoost is clear of obstructions and that there is adequate airflow around it.  This operation may cycle periodically to maintain standard operating temperatures of the unit.

Maximum Power

The Solar iBoost+ will check for overload during initialisation and during normal operation. If overload of either heating circuit is detected the output will be disabled. Check the load of the immersion heater and supply voltage are within specification. This warning can be reset by power cycling the Solar iBoost+ unit.

User Operating Help

Learn how to:

Pair the Sender and Solar iBoost

Follow the instructions shown in our Pairing The Sender Guide 

Use the Boost function

Switches on full power to the immersion heater for the period of time selected. Note that electricity is drawn from the grid if the excess generation is too low.

1. Press any button on the Solar iBoost+ to switch on the backlight.

2. Each press of the Boost button adds 15 minutes to the boost time up to maximum of 2 hours. The amount of time remaining is shown on the display.

3. To cancel the boost simply press the Boost button repeatedly until ‘Manual Boost OFF’ is shown.

The Boost function can be activated remotely within the home using the optional iBoost+ Buddy home energy monitor.

Programme grid power times

Follow the instructions shown on page 15 of the User Manual 

Change the language setting

Follow the instructions shown in this fault finding guide – Changing the Language on Solar iBoost+

Pair the iBoost Buddy

The Buddy must be paired with your Solar iBoost+ to operate. When first powered up the display will state ‘Not Bound’ follow this simple pairing procedure to join with the Solar iBoost+.

  1. Press and hold both the B and Boost buttons on the Buddy for 5 seconds, the display will show ‘Install Mode 58s Unbound’. The buddy allows 1 minute to pair before timing out. The countdown is shown.
  2. During the 60 second countdown move to the Solar iBoost+, press any button to switch on the back light. Immediately press and hold button B on the Solar iBoost+ for 5 seconds then release.
  3. The Solar iBoost+ display will show ‘Pairing with Device…’.

When the pairing is successful the Solar iBoost+ will show Pairing Successful’.

The Buddy will display ‘Install Mode 05s Bound’  The Buddy is fully paired after 5 seconds.

If the Pairing fails the Buddy display will time out and again show ‘Not Bound’.

Repeat the procedure until the pairing is achieved.

4. Finally, locate the Buddy in a convenient position.

Other conditions can occur

How can i check that my Solar iBoost is working correctly

Check the display screen for any messages. Use these guidance notes to check and test the system The Kettle Test

My display shows Water Tank Hot but the water is cold

Follow the instructions shown in our Fault Finding Guide 2

Heating by solar is displayed at night

Follow the instructions shown in this Fault finding guide – Clamp Location Check

Water is heating at night or when there is no excess

Follow the instructions shown in this fault finding guide – Clamp Location Check

My Solar iBoost+ is displaying in a different language

Follow the instructions shown in this fault finding guide – Changing the Language on Solar iBoost+

My Solar iBoost+ fan is making more noise than a typical computer fan

Follow the instructions shown in this fault finding guide – Solar iBoost+ Fan Fault Finding Guide

Display stays on Water Heating Off

If you have no savings or no recent savings check the clamp location as it may be located incorrectly or has been moved. The minimum amounts of export to activate diversion are: Solar iBoost+ 100W and Solar iBoost (original model) 200W.

My Solar iBoost has not registered any savings

Check Clamp Location and Kettle Test to test functionality. If both are successful press the Boost button to check if the immersion will accept full grid power for 15 minutes.  If Tank Hot displays when it is not hot proceed to Fault Finding Guide 2

Display stays on Water Heater Off but the blue light is flashing

The unit is in a fault condition and should be switched off at the power supply.  Complete the online form.

Request a support call

Please complete this Solar iBoost Troubleshoot Report AFTER you have completed the above checks and procedures to rectify any issues. One of our team will call you within 1 working day to assist in resolving the problem.