About The SunWare Solar Panels


The solar panel of choice… and a must for long distance cruising!

Imagine, every time you board your yacht, all the battery power is immediately available. Satellite navigation, computer, refrigerator, engine starting and all the on board comforts and safety features for a day cruise or trip on the high seas.



  • No more running the engine just to keep the service batteries charged when cruising
  • No noisy generators
  • Fed up with the cost of refuelling so often
  • Silent battery charging at work while you relax into the sail
  • Imagine a refrigerator that keeps it’s cool!  Food preserved and drinks cooled just as you want them.
  • How great to set sail with the peace of mind that your batteries are being replenished as you enjoy the comforts on board

When you invest in SunWare solar panels you are plugging into a solar panel designed for marine environments, built to the very highest quality standard of materials and workmanship. Each solar panel is individually tested to industry standards and this is backed up by a 3 year warranty.


PV Module Type Peak Power Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
SW20185 12V Rectangle 100W 689 x 1012 x 5 4.7
SW20166 12V Rectangle 75W 481 x 1119 x 5 3.6
SW20165 12V Rectangle 50W 481 x 772 x 5 2.3
SW20146 12V Slim 38W 273 x 1154 x 5 2.2
SW20164 12V Rectangle 38W 481 x 599 x 5 1.8
SW20145 12V Slim 25W 273 x 807 x 5 1.6
SW20163 12V Rectangle 25W 481 x 426 x 5 1.3

Other Sizes Available

To order panel sizes that are not shown please call us on 01536 201588 or email us at sales@marlec.co.uk

SunWare solar panels have the highest power output to surface area ratio of semi-flexible panels on the market. Their efficient polycrystalline cells convert sunlight to power into your battery so you can have the luxury of cool drinks and keep the essential equipment like the depth sounder running too.

Not sure what panels you need? We recommend you talk to one of our sales engineers. We will configure the best suitable system that meets your requirements. – 01536 201588

SunWare Solar Panel Features

Available in three ranges

  • SunWare Marine Modules – 24W, 36W and 70Watt.
    • SunWare’s 24W & 36W Marine modules are ideal for boats with low to medium battery charging requirements. They effectively maintain and top-up batteries whilst standing and typically replace some of the power consumed whilst on board.
    • The 70W Marine module is suited to live-aboards and those spending holidays on board, the 70W solar panel will assist in keeping the refrigerator and other appliances running.
  •  Compact Marine Modules  – 48W and 69Watt.
    • The Compact range is truly space saving and with modules available in the high power range these are the module of choice for live-a boards.
    • Available in 48W & 69W the Compacts use 39 cells ensuring the best possible ratio of power generated to surface area.
    • Rear Connection Modules are available with the junction box and wiring on the back. Perfect for flush mounting on boats where you want a clear deck.

High efficiency

  • All SunWare solar panels are efficient at converting sunlight into power as all models are made up of 39 or 40 photovoltaic cells, a feature that has 3 distinct advantages over standard 36 cell marine solar panels
  • They run cooler and therefore deliver better performance, especially in summer months and in hotter climates.
  • The additional cells assist in compensating for lost voltage in overcast conditions delivering power for longer than solar panels with fewer cells.
  • The additional cells keep the operating temperature lower thus avoiding reduction in efficiency and allowing the panels to be installed directly onto the surface without the need for rear ventilation. 36 cell panels experience a fall in efficiency in high temperatures.

A clear EVA surface

  • A clear EVA surface which thermally seals the photovoltaic cells
  • That way the cells are protected against water ingress.

A structured Teflon Coated non slip surface

  • It can be walked on in deck shoes.
  • It is designed to reduce the possibility of slipping even in wet weather.

A V4 marine stainless steel substrate

  • It is totally resistant to atmospheric corrosion and salt water.
  • The back of the panel has a white powder coat finish for extra protection.

SunWare panels are slim line and flexible

  •  up to 3% (=3cm over 1m) across their length
  • this means you can easily and conveniently place them on curved solid surfaces

Each panel is supplied with 3m of sea water-tight cable and a diode junction box kit.

  • The diode kit can be installed at a location before the regulator or battery to prevent reverse power from the battery to the panel in darkness.

SunWare panels are supplied for 12V battery charging

  • Multiple units can be connected in parallel to increase Ampere hours or series to increase voltage to 24V. (24V panels are also available for order).

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