About The Off-Grid Batteries


Choice of AGM or Gel deep cycle batteries to suit different application and system requirements. Both are sealed, maintenance free and suitable for marine applications. Call our technical team to discuss this further


AGM Batteries for Solar and Wind Applications

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are a quality alternative to the traditional “wet” lead-acid ranges. They are very robust and so able to deep cycle more than wet batteries. The electrolyte is contained in a glass mat which will not leak, even if casing is broken so are ideal for leisure applications. AGM has a lower initial cost when compared to Gel and has superior performance for higher current discharges. 3-5 year expected life.

Gel Batteries for Solar and Wind Applications

Gel batteries are designed for professional or system critical installations. Higher number of deep cycles are possible and a > 5 year expected life. Gel Technology delivers general power and long/deep discharges without the need for immediate recharge.

Many more sizes and battery specifications are available upon request. Choose battery capacity depending on charge input and electrical loads. Connect 2 or more in parallel to increase Ampere hours (Ah) capacity, or series to increase voltage, ie to 24 Volt.

To speak to a sales engineer about batteries for solar and helping you select the right model call +44 (0) 1536 201588 now