About The Green PowerEd – Educational wind turbine and solar kits


Education on the use of renewable energy for sustainable development has become a major issue world-wide creating a need for trained and knowledgeable practitioners, hence renewable energy is now part of many curricula.

The principles of generating electricity from renewable resources include the fundamentals of science and technology so Marlec’s Green Power Ed educational wind turbine and solar kits are designed to reinforce basic knowledge of the environment, electricity, data monitoring, statistics and theory thus supporting education.


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Why Green PowerEd provides a practical approach to teaching…

  • They provide a practical demonstration of how wind and solar energy is generated and can be applied.
  • The individual elements of the system; wind turbine, solar panel, anemometer, datalogger etc are useful teaching aids.
  • The datalogging is network enabled and can be manipulated by a master user and by each student.
  • Supports learning across a range of education levels (KS1-4) on the theories of the environment, electricity, data handling, statistics, etc.
  • Green PowerEd’s are an affordable, simple and safe system for use in schools and colleges.


Ever thought of setting up an eco-centre?

Use a Green PowerEd kit to generate energy for lighting and computers as well as monitoring the performance of the renewable energy system.


Two models are available based on the power generating capacity of the wind turbine and solar panel and these also allow different budgets to be accomodated. The datalogger, weather sensors and many other elements are common, see the list below.  The “Pro” and “Master” packages are supplied in kits for self installation which is usually within the school’s available resources.

View a Graphical Outline of a Typical System

The Green Power Ed systems are ideal for schools, colleges, universities and eco-friendly demonstration centres. Students gain practical experience of wind and solar energy whilst using the power generated into 12V batteries to operate low energy lamps, pumps, etc or, through inverters which convert the power to 240V a.c., for computers and other low energy mains appliances. Aspects of Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Science and ICT in education will find the Green PowerEd a useful tool.  Eg, in the attainment target Scientific Enquiry “recording and presenting data” the PowerEd kit can be used to datalog wind speed and wind power generation, similarly so with solar power enabling comparisons may be made.

At Marlec we aim to understand your system needs so please feel free to call or email us to discuss the system you have in mind for your establishment.  When we understand your aims we will recommend a Green Power Ed System best suited to fulfilling your needs.

What’s Included

Rutland Windcharger

A Rutland Windcharger land model is included for generating energy from the wind.

Rutland 504e is included in the Pro System.

Rutland 910-4 is included in the Master System.

Solar Panel

A Photovoltaic panel generates solar energy.  Mounting included for solar panel to be mounted to turbine pole.

50W Ameresco Solar panel is included in the Pro System.

90W Ameresco Solar Panel is included in the Master System.

Power Monitor with digital display

Two screens display:

  • Power production measurements
  • Weather instruments readings

This interfaces with a PC for datalogging.

Datalogger & Software

This Software enables continuous live measured data to be displayed on a PC.

The datalogger has adaptable parameters for students to experiment and convert data into graphs and tables.

Picolog set up Discs supplied, network enabled.

Deep Cycle Battery

Stores the energy generated  for when you need it.

1×80 Ampere hour Battery is includeed in the Pro System.

2x×80 Ampere hour Batteries are included in the Master System.

Weather sensors

Bracket Mounted Anemometer (windspeed), Temperature and Light Level Sensor

Electrical Accessories

50m Cable, Connectors & Battery Clips. Data Cable & USB connection.

Wind Direction Vane