About The Alpex Solar Panels


An excellent value solar panel, that’s good enough for professional as well as leisure uses.

Alpex Solar Panels have been selected by our experienced team here at Marlec, we look for a build quality that combines a durable frame, good photovoltaic cell performance with value for money for our customers. We introduced solar panels into our product portfolio in 1989 and have built up extensive and unrivaled experience in their application.  We work with our customers to provide them with successful solutions that enable them to experience the independence and benefits of off-grid power.




Our solutions using Apex solar panels

  • Enable installations previously considered in-feasible.
  • Cut or eliminate interruption to essential equipment service.
  • Deliver real cost benefit.
  • Are proven, reliable and affordable.
  • Are maintenance free and minimal work to install.

At Marlec we aim to understand your system needs and tailor a battery charging solution to suit your application whether you need a solar “stand-alone” or “hybrid” wind/solar system incorporating one of our own Rutland Windchargers.

We will recommend to you a balance of solar and/or wind power to deliver the power to suit your needs perfectly, and at the most affordable price.

To speak to a sales engineer to help you select the right model call +44 (0) 1536 201588 now


PV Module Type / Peak Power Dimensions Weight
AL10 – 10W 335 X 280 X 25 1.18
AL20 – 20W 485 X 360 X 22 2.06
AL30A – 30W 435 X 665 X 25 3.2
AL40 – 40W 435 X 665 X 30 3.42
AL40A – 40W 435 X 665 X 25 3.18
AL50 – 50W 555 X 665 X 25 3.88
AL80 – 80W 797 X 675 X 30 6.1
AL100 – 100W 1006 X 666 X 35 7.5
AL125 – 125W 1151 X 666 X 35 9.4
AL135 – 135W 1306 X 666 X 35 9.4
AL200 (24V) – 200W
1382 X 982 X 35

Alpex Quality & Features

  • Rugged frames constructed of a heavy duty anodised aluminium box and key design to withstand forces over long term installation
  • Anti-reflective coated glass to improve light transmission to the cells to generate
  • High Transmission Glass
  • Power tolerance of +/- 5% of rated power
  • Models over 30W are certified against degradation from salt mist corrosion
  • 10 year product warranty
  • Alpex is an ISO9002 certified manufacturing facility and their solar panels are backed up by the international standards IEC61215 and UL1703

Using solar panels to generate your own power for batteries to be fully charged is simple for any off-grid application.

Not sure what panels you need? We recommend you talk to one of our sales engineers. We will configure the best suitable system that meets your requirements. – 01536 201588


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