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The convenience of a fully flexible solar panel

Do you have a boat or recreational vehicle that relies on battery power for lighting, computers or small appliances? Then you know how frustrating it can be to arrive and find weak or discharged batteries, just when you need them.

SpectraFlex solar panels are ideal for maintaining and replacing natural discharge in 12V deep cycle batteries for leisure applications. SpectraFlex is easy to deploy temporarily while you are on board and stows neatly away. It can also be mounted permanently.

Part No: CA-10/33

The benefits

  • No need to take batteries away for recharging.
  • Silent, affordable and no need  for noisy and costly eco-unfriendly generators for lighting, TV and other equipment on your caravan, motor home or boat
  • Power for microwave ovens, laptops, telephones, and other electronics whilst you’re on the move.
  • A solar panel that you just put out in the sun when you need it rather than having one permanently fixed.
  • Arriving to find fully charged batteries on board enabling you to switch cabin lights on immediately.
  • Having peace of mind knowing you’ll have fully charged batteries at your holiday home or boat, even when you have been away for weeks?

Flat batteries are at best a nuisance and at worst a hazard.

Now the problem can be easily solved by using the abundant natural power of the sun.


PV Module Type Peak Power Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Part No Price
SpectraFlex 32 32W 1429 X424 X 5 2.14 CA-10/33 £339.95

Not sure what panels you need? We recommend you talk to one of our sales engineers. We will configure the best suitable system that meets your requirements. – 01536 201588.


Amorphous silicon technology cells

  • Spectrum splitting cells designed to convert very low and high levels of light to useable solar energy
  • Very stable output over many years makes Spectraflex a great investment


  • So flexible it can be curved round in either plane and direction. Can be rolled up to a diameter of just 30cm for storage and unrolled onto any surface during use

Generates up to 9Ah per day in UK summertime, 63Ah weekly

  • Useful for charging batteries for weekend use
  • Invaluable for topping up whilst underway

Rugged, durable construction

  • Built from UV stabilised polymers, bonded and stitched to a cushioned backing material
  • Efficient and stable amorphous silicone cells are robustly encapsulated so the module can be walked on in soft soled shoes

Portable and lightweight

  • Ideal for temporary installation as no mounting holes need to be drilled
  • Each panel has 4 corner eyelets for attaching with rope or bungee cords
  • Can be rolled out flat or just hung facing the sun
  • Simply stow it away when not in use


  • The whole panel is weatherproof and carries a 2-year limited warranty

Built-in diodes

  • Diodes are connected across each cell making the panel shadow tolerant. Therefore the panel can be hung over a boom or rigging and still operate efficiently
  • Prevents current from flowing out of the battery during darkness
  • Allows you to connect Spectra panels directly to the battery

Simple and maintenance-free

  • A solar regulator prevents overcharge if the system is left unattended for long periods or if the minimum ratio of 10W of solar panel to every 100Ah of battery is exceeded.
  • Spectraflew 32W fitted with 1m durable solar cable for ease of fitting.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Had 2 of these for a couple of years and they have been brilliant. Tied on top of the bimini they have extended our time on anchor without having to use the “noisy thing” to charge the batteries to 2 full days. Leave 1 hooked up over winter to keep the house battery full and come back to the boat in spring to a happy battery.
    Extremely happy with them and with the help from Marlec in choosing them and setting up the system with the charge controller.

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