Marlec’s Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Marlec’s Dedication To The Environment

As the UK’s longest established renewable energy company, we feel it’s in our nature to protect the environment in our day-to-day business operation, whether it be using free energy generated from our PV to charge electric vehicles or having environmentally friendly and fully recyclable packaging.

Since 2018 we have replaced all our product packaging with eco-friendly and fully recyclable materials. We want to ensure our customers are able to easily recycle and contribute in the fight against landfill waste.

All our manufactured products are packed using brown kraft cardboard boxes and inserts, printed with environmentally friendly ink. We seal our boxes using brown kraft paper tape instead of the standard packaging tape (Sellotape). Our boxes are also stuffed using highly recyclable air pocket bags instead of the standard polystyrene chips.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

It’s not just the sight of increasing piles of waste that’s the problem. There are many damaging issues associated with landfill such as Toxins, Leachates and Greenhouse gases.

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