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Windcharger Controllers

A charge controller fitted to your system will ensure:

  • The system operates automatically
  • Prevents damage to your batteries through over voltage

….so if the batteries become fully charged in your absence from the site the batteries will not be overcharged.  All Marlec windcharger controllers include LED's for simple indication of the system's operation, advanced models include LCD's to indicate battery voltage, charge current and other features.

Which type of regulator is recommended?

Marlec has a range of regulators designed for use with wind, solar or hybrid systems (combined wind & solar).

  • Choose the unit that best matches your windcharger or solar panel. If you plan to later expand your system we suggest that you choose a regulator that will accommodate the planned system growth. For example, you might decide to install a windcharger initially but plan to  add a solar panel later to supplement your power requirements particularly in the summer or if you intend to cruise in warm climates.
  • Decide what features you would like the regulator to incorporate. Overcharge protection with simple system indication or if you want to be able to see detail of how the system is performing.

The table below shows the regulators suitable for use with Rutland Windcharger models and the appropriate regulators to choose. The box completed also indicates the capacity of solar panels that can be connected in parallel through that same regulator. Click on the model name to find detailed specifications.

HRS504 12V HRDi 12/24V
HRSi 12/24V
Rutland 504 Windcharger + 100W solar + 160W solar + 160W solar
Rutland 913 Windcharger N/A + 160W solar + 160W solar
Rutland Furlmatic 910-4 Windcharger N/A + 160W solar + 160W solar
Rutland 914i Windcharger N/A +160W solar + 160W solar

HRS504 12V Regulator CA-11/45 £49.96
HRSi Regulator 12/24V CA-11/46 £76.96
HRDi Controller 12/24V CA-11/44 £152.95
HRDi Remote Display CA-11/52 £79.96